Euphoria – A Dance Performance at the Tel Aviv Museum


Euphoria – those moments when you feel most alive, when you can almost touch the infinite – and its dissipation into the mundane, the gray spaces between moments of connection, moments of epiphany. These different sensations and transitions are explored in choreographer Aviv Eveguy’s “Euphoria – A Temporary Name,” which will have two summer performances in the galleries of the Tel Aviv Museum on July 22 and August 19. The duet will be performed by Noa Rosenthal and Reut Shatz, with live music by Ori Drumer. 

An exploration of the spaces – between moments, sensations, thoughts, and people – “Euphoria” was created to be performed in a gallery space. Eveguy wanted to bring the audience as close as possible to the experience of the performance, viewing it at eye-level, rather than from the distance created by a stage. The space between observer and performer becomes an element of the performance, complicated by the presence of Drumer whose intervention in the performance situates him somewhere between these two poles. Yet the crucial space is that between the two dancers.

Confined together to a defined square space on the floor, their gaze meets. The open mouth of desire hungers for sensation, a hunger that can never be satiated as they seem to feed off one another’s energy. At times they are as far apart as the space allows, yet the very space between them is charged, electrifying and intimate. Each involved in her own body and its movement, yet aware of the other, feeling the power of the other and her own power over the other in this seductive game.

Eveguy, who lives and works in Jerusalem, graduated from the Scholarship Program at the “Jerusalem Dance Studio” under the artistic direction of Tamara Mielnik. He studied dance and graduated from the certificate program at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, NYC.  He joined the Vertigo Dance Company in 2000 and danced in the company for three years. He has been working as an independent choreographer for several years, winning first prize in the Bat Yam International Street Theatre Festival in 2004 for “He’s My Brother,” participating in the Shades of Dance Festival at Suzanne Dellal in 2005 with the solo “Heaven’s Court,” collaborating with choreographer Maya Brinner and video director Ido Cohen-Alloro on “Room for Thoughts” at the Israel Festival in 2006, creating the trio “Animus” for the Curtain Up Festival at Suzanne Dellal in 2007 and creating “Dimona” a work for five female dancers in 2008.

“Euphoria – A Temporary Name” will be performed at the Tel Aviv Museum, 27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, Tel Aviv, at 20:30 on Thursday, July 22, with another performance to take place on August 19. Tickets: 03-6077020.