Rami Be’er’s Aide Memoire


Rami Be’er’s Aide Memoire was the final performance this year on Suzanne Dellal’s Main Stage, bringing the successful season to a close with its visual expression of memory, both personal and national. On a recent visit to Kibbutz Ga’aton, home of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Be’er spoke about his artistic vision and methods:

“I created Aide Memoire as the son of a family of Holocaust survivors. It relates to memory, the memories of the second and third generation. I am looking at the here and now, calling to history and at the same time sending a warning to the future.

I am not depicting the Holocaust onstage, or bringing a particular narrative or characters to the stage, but rather allowing the viewer to connect to the Holocaust through dance, and interpret the dance through his or her own inner world of associations.




It is a message against violence and racism, a call for humanity and peace.
Through art we can say something about our existence, not as a mere slogan, but communicating one to one, through the human body.

I believe that a dance should speak for itself through the dancers. They are the heart of the work, their power and spirit. They create a world of unity through which I can express the emotions and sensations. It is not a language of words, numbers and facts, but an abstract language through which one can convey and understand things that are beyond words.”

Aide Memoire will be performed on Tuesday, June 16th at the Jerusalem Theatre.
For information: 02-5605755

International Performances: July 3-4 Bytum International Dance Festival, Poland

Image credit: Arale