Pecha Kucha #10

Shlomi Shaban/Photo: Orit Pnini

If there is anyone who still hasn’t experienced Pecha Kucha in Tel Aviv – I could tell you what you are missing, but really, you should just go for total immersion and head for Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port on September 15, 2010. A Japanese import translated into Tel Aviv by Itay Mautner and Anat Safran, the structure is simple: artists, musicians, film makers, designers and other creative cultural beings each have 6 minutes and forty seconds onstage to present their work and ideas. Think fast: 20 X 20 is the preferred format – 20 images with 20 seconds for each image.

Pecha Kucha is fast, fun, fascinating, eclectically intellectual and an invigorating aesthetic adventure.

Pecha Kucha #10 will include:

Shlomi Shaban and Etgar Keret take the stage with a new story & song

Yoni Bloch reveals his technological side with a huge interactive music project

Animator and musician Shai Yosef, a recent Bezalel graduate, makes music with paint and an aquarium – must be seen to be heard!

Infographics expert Roni Levit makes her stage debut with some surprising statistics and unique images

Yaakov Sasson

Yaakov Sasson gathers wood scraps and other junk to create his green designs will show a dizzying whirl of images launch a new installation at the port

Sagi Rechter and Amir Tomashov present an architectural interpretation of Dolly City, Orly Castel Bloom’s novel in 6 minutes and forty seconds of urban imagination

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun (France) – physics meets design with a volcano for the home, spaceship armchair and a voyage through an underground research lab

D vision – the Israeli designers reveal their unique lighting project, first presented in Milan

Uri Shapira

Uri Shapira – science meets art as this unique artwork is created through chemical reactions in a lab in South Tel Aviv

THINK VERY FAST – tickets for Pecha Kucha sell out faster than you can say: Pecha Kucha. Tickets (only 20 NIS!) will go on sale beginning August 31, at all three LOVEAT locations, The Third Ear on 48 King George Street and online:

Pecha Kucha #10 will start at 20:20 on September 15, at Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Port – but come early to find your friends and claim a seat, doors open at 19:00. An after-party on the dock and the launching of Yaakov Sasson’s installation will let the groove go on…
Celebrating Pecha Kucha #10, a limited line of T shirts will be individually created by 6 artists – all Pecha Kucha ‘graduates’. The T shirts are 50NIS and will be sold online:

Pecha Kucha’s visionary curators are Anat Safran and Itay Mautner. Designer and photographer Safran participated in Pecha Kucha in Japan and brought the idea home with her. Closer to home, she came up with the idea for the pop-up store at the Tel Aviv port and other art and design projects. Writer, curator, editor Itay Mautner presented a cultural program on Channel 2, edited the cultural magazine 360 Degrees and was one of the founders of the art biennale in Tel Aviv. Currently the artistic director of the Jerusalem Season of Culture, Mautner also presents radio programs on Galatz.

FAZA productions, have inspired, produced and supported Pecha Kucha since Pecha Kucha 2. FAZA’s cultural expertise has produced events such as the Israeli Opera’s “Nabucco” at Massada, the art bienalle in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem International Film Festival, the Raphsoda concept store at the Tel Aviv port, and the opening of the Design Museum in Holon.