Who Knew Waiting Could Be So Much Fun?


Sometimes, choreographers just want to have fun. Niv Sheinfeld first created “Waiting for Haim,” in collaboration with Emanuel Gat in 2000. This new version takes off from there with new material and cast: Ran Ben Dor and Oren Tischler. A lively, physically witty romp – imagine “Waiting for Godot” as written by a slightly edgier Dr. Seuss. This is one of those rare shows for children that adults will enjoy – but don’t wait, there will only be one performance this summer, on July 15th, at the Suzanne Dellal Centre, as part of their event-filled SummerDance festival. 

Sheinfeld brings a relaxed Middle Eastern feel to French Existentialism, combined with his own playful touch. The clowns here are just a couple of guys, dressed in street clothes and doing the things that guys do: hanging out, talking on their cell phones, dancing ballet and playing backgammon. Not to introduce too many spoilers into this review – I do want you to have fun, and surprises are essential – these two guys are waiting for Haim. All the proper post-modern adults in the audience (and perhaps some of the more precocious kids) will get the Godot reference. For non-Hebrew speakers, let me just add that “Haim” means “life” in Hebrew, yet is also a very ordinary name for a guy. 

This new production of “Haim” benefits from the warm stage rapport between Ben Dor and Tischler who gave a memorable performance in Sheinfeld and Oren Laor’s“Duets” (which originally premiered in 2007 with a different cast). It is pure pleasure to see these two excellent dancers together on the stage. Combining physical virtuosity with casual ease and comic elegance, well matched in build and temperament, each brings his own distinct character into play. They are the perfect interpreters for Sheinfeld’s choreographic style, which draws much of its strength from its emotional expressiveness.


The performance includes some audience participation so that everyone can become an expert at the art of having fun.


“Waiting for Haim”

July 15th at 17:30

Suzanne Dellal Centre