Sketchbook Pop-Up Exhibit in January

Yoav Hirsch, Clemente, acrylic pencil & ink on paper, 10 X 15 cm

Like flowers suddenly appearing after the rain, the Vagabundas are bringing beautiful things your way with their first pop-up exhibit: Sketchbook, which will take place January 27 – 29, 2011 at the Container in Jaffa Port.

Meital Katz Minerbo, Lamp/Horse under the table, ink on paper, 50 X 35 cm

Sketchbook is a group show of works from the artist’s well, sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are an integral part of the ongoing artistic process: a place for drawings, visual brainstorming, generating, researching, documenting and trying out ideas. Sometimes these “sketches” become art works in their own right.

Opening night will feature a dance performance by Shay Haramaty, a dancer in the Inbal Pinto Avshalom Pollak Dance Company. Haramaty incorporates the Sketchbook concept into her movement research, exploring and trying out ideas, translating them into dance.

Michel Platnic, Magen David, aquarelle and ink on paper, 21 X 15 cm

The Sketchbook exhibit tries to capture those moments of creativity, looking into the unpredictable world of the artistic process. Among the participating artists are: Amir Nave, Dror Karta, Doron Langberg, Meital Katz Minerbo, Michal Yaniv, Michel Platnic, Oree Holban, Yoav Hirsch, Nadav Lifshitz, Nivi Alroy, Eran Shekin, Zivi Geva, Rafael Salem, and Shoshanah Ciechanowski.

Sketchbook is the first exhibit initiated by The Vagabundas – Merav Zaks, Omer Shani and guest curator Yael Rechter – a creative team that seeks to transform the interaction between art and the public from the inhibiting distance and prohibitive prices of museums and galleries, to encounters that are spontaneous, fun, friendly and affordable. The Vagabundas have an ongoing blog in Hebrew and plans for more pop-up exhibits and an online store.

Sketchbook will open on Thursday, January 27, 2011 from 19:00 – 22:00, with a performance by Shay Haramaty at 21:00. Additional hours are: Friday, January 28 from 12:00 – 18:00 with music & drinks, and a last chance for late-comers on Saturday, January 29 from 13:00 – 16:00, at The Container, Jaffa Port. All works exhibited will be for sale, with prices ranging from 400 NIS – 5,000 NIS.

For additional information, check out The Vagabundas site, facebook page, or email .