Daniel Bedingfield and The Raw Men Empire – Found A House

Daniel Bedingfield & The Raw Men Empire's Tsvika Frosh on the roof/Frame grab from video courtesy of TRME

Daniel Bedingfield (NZ/UK) and The Raw Men Empire will jam together at Levontin 7 on Friday, January 14 at 21:30 – 40 NIS will get you entrance + The Raw Men Empire’s latest EP Elodie + star dust…

A chance encounter led Daniel Bedingfield to the restaurant where Raw Man Itai Kaufman works, one thing led to another… Daniel wrote a song with Tsvika – Found a House and they all got together to make a beautiful clip: music and sunset reflected on an electric guitar…

Found a House, words and music by Daniel Bedingfield and Tsvika Frosh, recorded by Uri (Mixmonster) Wertheim, mixed by Itai Kaufman, performed by Daniel Bedingfield and The Raw Men Empire, paintings by MissK, shot by Ido Becovier and Matan Ben Barak, edited by Nadav Lazar.

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