Call for Ideas – Testing Tools (Nisui Kelim)#8


Take those outrageously creative ideas exploding in your brain, take the time to organize and type them out and enter your application for Testing Tools – Nisui Kelim #8 – the amazing multi-disciplinary experimental event that will take place in Beit Tami in August 2011.

Now in its 8th year, Nisui Kelim (means experimenting, trying out your instruments) will fill every available space in Beit Tami – stairs, hallways, balconies, basement and the garden in front facing Shenkin Street, with short performances and installations. Dance, music, theatre, video art, animation, literature, poetry, alternative circus, drawing – the festival is open to all.

Actor/director Gil Alon is entering his second year as the Artistic Director for Nisui Kelim, Arieh Berkovitz is the curator for the visual arts.

Initiated by the Tel Aviv Municipality Department of Community, Youth and Sport, Nisui Kelim was created to encourage independent artists in the development of new, experimental works that extend the boundaries of genre. The festival took place in Bikurei HaItim for many years, under the artistic direction of Amitay Yaish. This year’s festival will take place for the first time at the Beit Tami Community Center on Shenkin Street.

Emphasizing experimentation and the development of new ideas, many of the works presented in the Nisui Kelim festival are still in progress, usually no more than half an hour in length, yet are at a stage where they can be viewed and enjoyed by an audience. Over the course of the years, many of the works that originated in Nisui Kelim were developed into evening length works. Some of the highlights from previous years include Naomi Yoeli’s Aunt Frida, which went on to win the Acco Festival prize in 2006, and Richard III, directed by Oded Littman, which was performed as a full-length play as part of Tmuna Theatre’s Shakespeare season.

The deadline for applications is February 15, 2011 – send theatre and performance related applications to and visual arts to