Borders – A Photography Exhibit at Bezalel

Farid Abu Shakra

Borders – a new photography exhibition curated by Gali Blay and Jenna Henson– will open on May 11, 2011, in the Photography Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem.

Exhibiting photographers include: Amal Abu Hana; Fareed Abu Shakra; Ido Abramson; Yair Agmon; Ilit Azulai; Liat Elbling; Oren Adler; Yuval Atsili; Eran Erlich; Noa Blerstein; Divi Barel; Dan Bronfeld; Yaakov Gabai; Nimrod Geshoni; Michal Haiman; Or Harpaz; Yoni Hai-Licht; Michal Chahmon; Shimon Lev; Eldad Manochin; Yossi Mar Chaim; Rotem Sadi; Niva Simon; Nir Evron; Idit Kopski; Miki Kartzman; David Riv; Hadas Tapuchi; Know Hope.


Background on the exhibit from the press release:

The Israeli society lacks perception of borders, just as the country’s borders have never been officially defined. The obsessive preoccupation with its borders, in fact, reflects Israel’s need to define itself.

The local art also focuses extensively on the issue of borders, as seen in both its content and structure. The structural aspect has, of course, global origins, which originate from post-modernism that has turned the complete separation between the two irrelevant. However, when observed in a local context and its content is further analyses, it takes on a unique, local form.

We believe that art is affected by location and environment, and that the artist is influenced by his surroundings. Dismissing the distinction between esthetics and politics, the exhibition portrays both as two sides of the same coin. The pieces we’ve selected point out the need to challenge boundaries and borders. Some try to create a world with different borders and depict the weak points in those that exist, define new boundaries of imagery and expose the borders that only exist for one side.

The connection of each piece to the concept of borders is personal and, at times, hidden, but together, they belong in a certain place and time. Here and Now. Through these artworks and the connections between them, we create in interpretations that describe this place, while challenging its boundaries.

Nimrod Gershuni

Opening event: May 11, 2011 at 19:00; regular opening hours: 9:00 – 20:00; closing date: June 6, 2011. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem. Photography Dept., 8th floor, for further information call: 02-5893233.


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