Indeterminacy – Rothschild 69


Indeterminacy – Concert Nothing On Lecture Something – a tribute to John Cage will take place on Thursday, July 4, 2011. Rothschild 69 Art Space and Eran Bril will host conductor Ilan Volkov in an evening of experimental music with performances by leading contemporary Israeli musicians – its going to be an exciting evening – and entrance is FREE!

Among the participants will be: Assaf Talmudi, Panda Porn, Shlomi Shaban, Efrat Gosh, Adam Horowitz, Ram Gabai, Tom Darom, Yuval Ido Tal, Haggai Fershtman, Dganit Elyakim, Yoav Beirach, Avner Amit, Lior Pinsky, Roy Shapira, Ivana Kiss, Assif Tsahar and many others.

Music for Amplified Toy Pianos
Lion in a Cage – a short lecture on the work of John Cage by Assaf Talmudi
Music for Clarinet and Violin
Suite for Solo Toy Piano
Imaginary Landscape no. 4 – a piece for 12 radios and 23 musicians, conducted by Ilan Volkov.

Indeterminacy will begin at 20:00, on August 4, 2011, at 12 Rothschild Blvd. – Rothschild 69 is on the second floor and entrance is from the back.