Slow Walk for Social Justice

Ohad Fishof - Slow Walk

Ohad Fishof will conduct a slow walk along Rothschild Boulevard on Thursday, September 1, 2011 in tribute to the movement for social justice. For Fishof, the slow walk is a symbolic act that embodies the understanding that it takes time to achieve a just society; it is a struggle that demands perseverance, consistency and commitment. Fishof says on the facebook event page, it is “a symbolic act of personal commitment to the future.”

Beginning on the corner of Rothschild and Shadal streets at 10:00, the walk will continue throughout the day, at an average pace of a meter per minute, and will end on the corner of Rothschild and Shenkin streets towards 20:00.

Fishof invites others to join him on his walk – on part of his path, or for the entire journey. If you are interested in joining, have questions, or would like more information, write to Fishof at

A multi-disciplinary artist, Fishof previously conducted a slow walk in London, documented on his blog and in this YouTube clip: