Sounds of Childhood 2011

Fresco Dance Company in The Jungle Book/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

This October, the Holon Theatre will be hosting the 11th “Sounds of Childhood” festival, which takes place annually during the Sukkot holiday. Since its inception in 2000, the festival has become well known for its quality and its original productions of music, dance and theater fit for children, as well as the entire family. The festival will take place from October 16 – 18, 2011, as in previous years, alongside admission fee shows there will be free shows and activities in the theatre’s plaza.

This year’s main event is “Shirei Yaldut” (Hebrew – Childhood Songs), an original multi-participant show which includes Hani Nachmias, Hana Laslo, Galit Giat, Dafna Dekel, and the Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra conducted by Gil Shohat. “Shirei Yaldut” offers a wide variety of classic childhood songs spanning several decades, performed by Israel’s finest talents, and threaded together with the aid of various skits and scenes.

In the multimedia event “Chaverim Meolamot Acherim” (Hebrew – Friends from Other Worlds), images, vocals, classical music, and even laser beams will all be brought together in what promises to be a unique experience for all the senses. Accompanying the Haifa Symphony Orchestra (numbering nearly 100 musicians!) and the Bat Kol choir will be an original collage of animation and cinema created by Dudu Shalita, displayed on a giant screen.

“Sipurei Yaldut” (Hebrew – Childhood Stories) will feature Israel Prize winner and first lady of the Israeli theatre, Gila Almagor, who will be sharing experiences from her own childhood from her books Summer of Aviya and Under the Domim Tree, and reading children’s poetry by Natan Alterman and Tirtza Atar.

A play titled “Hevenu Shalom Aleichem,” based primarily on two childhood stories by Shalom Aleichem, aims to bring the rich and colorful language and storytelling of Shalom Aleichem to the younger crowds. Adapted for the stage by Galia Be’eri and directed by Razi Amitai, with actors Itay Bleinberg and Assaf Dgani.

This year’s festival will be the setting for several premieres, including “Kova Haksamim” (Hebrew – The Magic Hat), a show based on the poems of Leah Goldberg, set to music by Moshe Zorman. The songs will be performed by Avi Grainik and Noa Kashpizki.

The Goshen Theatre Company will be starring in “Machol Hagachliliyot” (Hebrew – Dance of the Fireflies), written and directed by Yaki Mahraz, and choreographed by Limor Rose. Participating in this production will be the Goshen Theatre Dance Company and actor Shlomi Tapiro, who will be telling the story of Lilith the firefly and her search for new friends.

The Holon Mediatheque Theatre and Fresco Dance Company will be premiering their adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic “The Jungle Book,” choreographed by Yoram Karmi with music by Ariel Keshet.

Yaldei Botz - Mud Child/Photo: Zvi Nir

One of the more unique productions will most certainly be “Yeled Botz” (Hebrew – Mud Child), a puppet theatre adaptation of a Tanzanian Wagugu tribe folktale by the same name, rewritten by Paulo Velho of Spain. “Yeled Botz” uses raw materials such as earth, straw, and water to bring the take to life. It will also include live music and poetry. The production is choreographed by Lee Aloni, with puppets by Shirley Goldstein, wardrobe by Alona Tal, and music by Assaf Levinbook.

Among the free activities in this year’s festival will be “Lo Yeuman Ki Yesupar” (Hebrew – Unbelievable Stories) – a show which includes a collection of songs and stories by Ayin Hilel, “Sukariyot Koftzot“ (Hebrew – Pop Rocks Candy) – a production based on well-known children’s songs, and also a display of the acrobatic talents of the “Luft Gesheft” group. As in previous years, there will be a “Story Sukka” in which stories will be told to crowds both young and old. There will also be music, games, and creative workshops.

It all happens here: Holon Theatre, 11 Kugel Boulevard, Holon. Tickets and information:, 03-5023001/2/3. “Sounds of Childhood” is the initiative of the Holon Municipality with the Holon Theatre directed by Guy Telem. Gil Shohat is the festival’s artistic director and it is produced by Kesher-Faktor.


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