Countdown to InDNegev – October 27 – 29, 2011

Monti Fiori/Photo: Assaf Antman

Much as when awaiting a vacation abroad you find yourself staring longingly at pictures of you destination, the preview for InDNegev 2011 provided a welcome respite from the anticipation. Last Sunday at the Ozen Bar listeners were treated to music by four bands scheduled to perform at the festival. Rocky B and Gubi combine to form the electronic duo, NEFT, whose music can be described as progressive hip-hop and is influenced by Dubstep and Arabic music. Monti Fiori are the kind of band that blur the border between music and theater. Highly energized and curious to the point of amusing, my eyes and ears could not relax as Assa Raviv’s bright red guitar and Or Edry’s lipstick of the same hue vied for my attention. Itamar Fitzi’s dramatized Italian vocals were charming in their oddity, and smiles swept across the faces of the audience when the band rolled out their rendition of Mr. Shoko (אדון שוקו).

The Greenbaums/Photo: Assaf Antman

A blues-rock atmosphere is felt from the first to the last chord that the Greenbaums string together. Albeit simple, sometimes that’s all that’s needed and the confirmation is given in the form of a happy crowd, bobbing their heads along. Angelcy may have been missing Maya Lee Roman on the night, but not much else. Their lyrical ideas were well expressed and the musical concepts came through clear and uncluttered. The band’s appearance complimented their down to earth and easygoing style from the long hair and full beards, to the sandals and bare feet. The set gave the listeners a good feel for their versatility ranging from the chilled “Angel Gets High”, through the hurting protesting voice of “Freedom Fighters”, to the authenticity of “We love you” that I couldn’t help but believe was meant for someone real and specific.


Earlier that day, throughout the afternoon there was a special radio broadcast at The Teder which included live performances by Lorena B, 3421, Avi Adaki, and Buttering Trio visiting from Germany; all of whom are also on the bill for the festival at InDNegev.

Special programs at InDNegev include “Jersalem of Iron” dedicated to the Jerusalem electronic music scene and “Back to the Bass” with the tabac label and local hip-hop artists. Ashan Hazman, the music-loving Beer Sheva bookstore will expand its traditional presence at InDNegev to include a performance stage with intimate sets, poetry readings, lectures and perhaps a spontaneous performance or two from musicians visiting the festival. The festival invites all guests to share their artwork in an open gallery that will be set up in the camping area. The full program is available on the InDNegev site.

Don’t be left out in the desert without a ticket! Tickets are 190 NIS (with a limited number of 1 day tickets for Thursday at 80 NIS).  Tickets are ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY, so order online (the site is in Hebrew but call this number for help in ordering: 03-7583535); by phone: 03-5449345 (Sundays thru Thursday from 9 – 17:00) or from these local sellers:
Tel Aviv
Abu Dabi Hummus, 81 King George Street, 03-5259090
The Casbah, 3aleph Florentin Street, 03-5182144
Uganda, 4 Aristobolus Street, 02-6236087
Goldmond, 32 Massada Street, 04-8622472, Eyal 054-574532
Beer Sheva
Ashan Hazman, 86 Ringelbloom Street, 077-7644218
Sha’ar HaNegev, Ma’ayan 050-7233770

How to get to Mitzpe Gvulot? Here’s a map & instructions:
From Tel Aviv – Driving on Road #4 turn left at the Yad Mordechai intersection, until you arrive at the Nir Am (Road #34) intersection. Turn right at the Nir Am intersection, then turn left at the Saad intersection, then at the next intersection (Road #232), turn right. Drive straight on #232 until you reach the Gvulot intersection, turn left onto Road # 222 then turn right into Gvulot. The trip should take about an hour and a quarter.
From Beer Sheva – Drive towards the Gilat intersection then turn left towards Ofakim and Urim (Road #231). Then turn left at the Urim intersection onto Road #234. Turn right at the Ze’elim intersection then left into Gvulot. The trip should take about 25 minutes.

More info on InDNegev will be coming up on Midnight East.