Festival Beshekel Comes to Sderot

Acollective/Photo: Ziv Shenhav

Festival Beshekel – the name says it all. Culture belongs to everyone – everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity enjoy music, art, theatre and dance. Festival Beshekel celebrates a decade of cultural activism this year with performances in the two towns where the festival first began: Kiryat Shmona this past October, and just in time for Hannukah, the Festival BeShekel will come to Sderot from December 20 – 22, 2011. Three days of performances with Acollective, Karolina, Geva Alon, Yermi Kaplan, Boom Pam and more – and all for only 1 Shekel!

In tune with Festival Beshekel’s philosophy, local bands will be featured in the festival line-up as well as an impressive list of well known musicians. Children’s shows in the afternoons and discussion sessions on subjects as varied as soccer and theatre round out a festival that has something for everyone. A non-profit organization, Festival Beshekel was founded in 2001 by a group of artists and activists led by Sha`anan Streett (Hadag Nachash). Streett, artistic director of the organization and a member of the Board of Directors, said, “The idea was simple, to produce a series of festivals, of the same quality as the many spring and summer music festivals, in development towns and neighborhoods at a price that is equally accessible to all…to promote art and culture in the periphery and neighborhoods, to widen the circle of culture consumers and to encourage creativity in arts, culture and social issues in the different communities in Israel.”

Karolina/Photo: Assaf Eini

Festival Beshekel Schedule:

Tuesday, December 20th
16:00 Opening Event – the evening will be hosted by Lukach
17:00 Modi Bar On talks about Theatre and Soccer
18:45 Karonlina
20:00 Acollective
21:15 RED OUT – Alternative Rock from Sderot
21:45 Geva Alon

Geva Alon/Photo: Yaniv Drucker

Wednesday, December 21st
16:00 Opening – the evening will be hosted by Nechi Nech
16:00 Street Theatre – Luftgesheft – Tal Ginat and Yuval Roth
17:00 Children’s Show
19:00 Prof. Nissim Kalderon hosts Alma Zohar – discussion and performance
21:00 Single and Damti (Rashi and Zuriel) – rad hip hop from Sderot
21:30 Combine
22:05 Shlomi Sarenga

Boom Pam/Photo: Tom Melnik

Thursday, December 22nd
16:00 Opening – the evening will be hosted by Liron Teeni
16:00 Street Theatre – Luftgesheft – Tal Ginat and Yuval Roth
17:00 Children’s Show
19:00 Radio Panel – Yoav Kutner, Didi Harrari, Quami, Liron Teeni
20:40 Campaign Band
21:15 Boom Pam
22:15 Yermi Kaplan

All activities will take place at the Sderot Community Center, 4 Bar Lev Street.