Trans.Parent to Premiere in January

Nuchal Scan/Photo: Omir Barel

Trans.Parent, choreographed by Maya Levy, Anando Mars, Iris Marko and Barak Aviam Ish-Shalom, is a dance piece that explores the notion of time. Performances of Trans.Parent will begin at a certain time, and continue “until the last customer,” with the possibility of performances lasting all night long.

Levy has often dealt with extreme situations in her choreography, relating the emotions to a particular physical/material context, challenging audience and performers. Net Work, the last piece created by Levy and Mars, was a duet performed on a trampoline, taking on gravity, in an imaginative exploration of terrain that is at once treacherous and joyous, a space where flying and falling are forever linked (read the full review here).

Trans.Parent plays with the notion of time, taking the performers (and audience) to an extreme shared experience. Performaces will take place at Artness in Kibbutz Ein Shemer. The performance will begin at 20:30 but the duration is unknown, and it may turn into an all night performance. The audience will be able to enter and exit the studio freely throughout the performance; there will be a café open all night (which at times will be part of the show) and cozy corners to sit.

Trans.Parent exposes all the elements of the performance to the audience, eliminating entirely the division between stage and “behind the scenes.” An international ensemble of performers will consist of 15 members, including dancers, actors, DJs, an opera singer, costume designer, choreographers and the director. The choreographers and director will deliver instructions to the performers in real time, and new costumes will be sewn by the designer in the course of the performance, while DJs Uri Benklahter and Yaniv Zaddik will be in charge of the soundtrack.

Creators Maya Levy, Anando Mars, Barak Aviam Ish-Shalom, and seated, Iris Marko/Photo: Omri Barel

The work is inspired by the personal experiences of the choreographers as new and expectant parents, adapting to the 24 hour work day that parenting requires. Levy and Mars, partners in life and work, are the new parents of twin girls, and Iris Marko is pregnant. The rehearsal process for this work was unusual, the participants met for weekly 24 hour rehearsal sessions. The creators statement on the project: “Rehearsing at unusual hours, shared sleeping quarters in the studio and shared meals, the intensity created through spending long hours together revealed the cast members to one another, creating intimate materials that are the foundation of this piece. What remains with the artist in the small hours of the night after the performance is over? Ambition has gone to sleep and the thing itself remains: beauty, ugliness, solace, silence or a scream.”

Performers: Ann Valery Hubler, Amir Dolitsky, Kana Ote, Yair Goren, Tamar Gross, Stav Marin, Michal Gil, Aharon Manor, Hadar Shinan, DJ Uri Benklahter, DJ Yaniv Zaddik, Maya Levy, Anando Mars, Iris Marko, Barak Aviam Ish-Shalom.

Trans.Parent – first performances will take place on January 4, 12, 19, and 26. Performances will begin at 20:30 and end – your guess is as good as mine. Expected duration: all night. Artness, Kibbutz Ein-Shemer. Tickets are 100 NIS and must be ordered in advance, call: 077-5040082. Warm clothing recommended!