Opera on Rothschild Boulevard

Il Pagliacci

Vibrant, chiffon gowns, elaborate aristocratic wigs, animated gestures and tidbits of Italian librettos float through the air. Men and women saunter delicately, smiling and humming to the background of piano music. Have we gone back to Europe in the 16th century? No, not really. We’re on Rothschild Boulevard, it’s Friday morning, and the Israeli Opera House is warming up for their free concert to sooth the ears of passersby on their hustle and bustle of the weekend’s plans.

In light of the beginning of their 27th year, the Israeli Opera House will be performing segments of their most beloved Operas every Friday between 11:30 – 16:00 on Rothschild Boulevard. I had the great luck of being one of those passers by this Friday. As I was shuffling by with my bags heavy from the market I was struck by the sound of a deep baritone wafting beautifully through the street. Upon discovering its source I decided to stop and listen to the song  – the next thing I know it’s been an hour and I’m mesmerized to the spot by the intensity, passion and unbelievable talent of these singers. The program’s informality and accessibility makes it the perfect way to spark up a weekend with some free culture and class, but be prepared to make a day of it – it’s difficult to tear away.

This Friday, the 23rd of December, is their last day of performances so don’t forget to treat yourself to something truly unique. These opera vignettes encapsulate the depth of the art of music through the musician; I highly recommend getting a chance to see the artists shine up close.