Wolfgang Staehle Opening in Tel Aviv


Time-lapsed photographic sequences by Wolfgang Staehle, a German-born, New York-based artist, are presently on view at the Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv.

Staehle, a recognized pioneer in the field of internet and new media art, focuses his attention – and ours – on urban landscapes. Employing a fixed camera position, he establishes a frame and then leaves things to happen, the camera shooting for days or weeks. In September 2001, employing this method of video-streaming, he famously captured live footage of the World Trade Center as it bursts into flames and then collapsed.

Among the three large-scale projections on view is a four-week sequence of Midtown Manhattan as seen from Brooklyn across the East River; and  Berlin, October 30th, 2006, premiered here.

Also on display are examples of Staehle’s photographic prints of urban sites. These are composite tableaux derived from hours of image-sequencing that capture the slightest traces of movement or change. Recommended.

Till May 19th.
Givon Art Gallery, 35 Gordon Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: 03. 5225427