2011 Israeli Theatre Prize

Cabaret/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

The Theatre Prizes for 2011 were announced at a ceremony that took place on Friday, May 11, 2012 at Gesher Theatre. Cabaret was selected as “Play of the Year,” actor Yossi Garber was honored with a lifetime achievement award, and actor Shimon Lev Ari received a prize for his contribution to the Israeli theatre.

Yossi Graber/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

Best Original Play:
Ulysses on Bottles – Haifa Theatre

Best Play in Translation:
All My Sons – Cameri Theatre & Haifa Theatre

Best Comedy:
Eating – Khan Theatre

Best Musical:
Cabaret – Cameri Theatre

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
Asi Levy – His Mother – Beit Lessin Theatre

Itay Tiran/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Best Actor in a Leading Role:
Itay Tiran – Cabaret – Cameri Theatre

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Zaharira Harifa’i – Happy Ending – Cameri Theatre

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Norman Issa – Art – Haifa Theatre

Best Director:
Omri Nitzan – Cabaret – Cameri Theatre

Best Playwright:
Gilad Evron – Ulysses on Bottles – Haifa Theatre

Best Translator:
Dori Parnes – Comedy of Errors – Cameri Theatre

Best Set Design:
Roni Toren – Cabaret – Cameri Theatre

Best Costume Design:
Ola Shevatzov – Mandragola – Beit Lessin Theatre

Best Lighting Design:
Alexander Sikirin – Pigeon and a Boy – Gesher Theatre

Yoni Rechter/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Best Theatre Music Composer:
Yoni Rechter – Private Investigator – Khan Theatre

Gilad Kimchi/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Best Choreography:
Gilad Kimchi – Mandragola – Beit Lessin Theatre

Yael Eitan/Photo: Elizur Reuveni

Most Promising Actress:
Yael Eitan – Why Didn’t You Come Before the War – Beer Sheva Theatre

Most Promising Actor:
Nadav Nates – Blood Brothers – Beit Lessin

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