Inbal Ethnic Center Winter Season


The Inbal Ethnic Center opens its winter season on November 1, with a diverse multicultural program of dance, film, music, art and literature. The Center, under the artistic direction of Dr. Razi Amitai and producer Carmel Gottlieb Kimhi, seeks to present works that create fusion between Middle Eastern and Western influences, traditional and contemporary.

Contemporary works include: Yossi Berg and Oded Graf’s “Four Men, Alice, Bach and the Deer” a fierce, fast-paced and funny look at the contemporary male, Aviv Eveguy’s Dimona, named for a city in the Israeli Negev, a work for five female dancers, imbued with a strong sense of place and mythic power, and Yoram Karmi’s Fresco Dance Company in collaboration with Assaf Roth and Didi Erez performing “Hopla,” a dance theater work with live original music, describing an evening in one, perhaps not so typical, family’s living room.

Some of the more traditional performances include a tribute to the Egyptian composer Abed Al Wahab and an Iranian Sufi performance of poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Shaheen and Amrani. Carmel Gottlieb Kimhi, says, “The Inbal Ethnic Center is dedicated to art and culture, which is our sole motivation. We are opening our gates wide and inviting everyone to come in. This season we have a special guest dancer, Rajashree Bahara, co-sponsored by the Indian Embassy.”

Some November highlights:

Singer-songwriter Leah Shabbat’s new show “My Love Loves Love” on November 3, at 21:00, an intimate, soulful performance of songs that sing in the heart.

Sigal Ziv with Tribal Lotus and Tribal Fusion on November 4 & 5 at 21:00. Middle Eastern dancer Ziv hosts Korean dance group Eungin Lee.

Screening of Shmuel Beru’s film “Zrubavel” on November 8 at 20:30. An insider’s view of the life of a family of Ethiopian Israelis, from the point of view of an aspiring young Spike Lee, walking through life with a video camera in his hand.

For more information on upcoming events at Inbal, check out the Inbal Multicultural Ethnic Center facebook group for Hebrew, Midnight East facebook fan page for English.

Tickets: 03-5173711

Top image: Rajashree Bahara