The Timekeepers at the Cameri


 “The Timekeepers” will premiere tomorrow night, Sunday, November 15, at the Cameri Theatre, where it will become part of the theatre’s repertoire. Starring Rami Baruch, Roy Horovitz and Omer Etzion, the play has been a great success in the fringe theatre, with several international tours, most recently at the Edinburgh Festival this past August.

When a German homosexual (Horovitz) is sent to work with a conservative Jewish watchmaker (Baruch) in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, the unlikely pairing results in an engaging story told with humor and sensitivity. Originally written in English by Dan Clancy, the play was translated into Hebrew by Sheila Ferber and premiered at the Tmuna Theatre in Tel Aviv in 2002. Since then, it has been performed 300 times at Tmuna, in addition to performances in England, Ireland, Germany, Greece, the U.S, Canada and Poland, making it the Israeli fringe play most performed world-wide.

The play explores an aspect of the Holocaust that is less discussed, with a simple honesty that creates a moving theatrical experience. Horovitz works “camp” to the fullest, while retaining an integrity and sweetness that touches even Baruch’s stern, introverted watchmaker. Puccini is also on hand to help this friendship along.

The Timekeepers
November 15, December 7 & 8 at 21:00
Cameri Theatre, 19 Shaul Hamelch Street, Tel Aviv
Tickets:, 03-6060960


  1. I saw the performance in the fringe theatre in Edinburgh last August. good piéce and finely acted by all the actors.

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