The Holy Gathering to be Broadcast on IBA Channel 1

The Holy Gathering/Image courtesy of PR

The Holy Gathering, a documentary directed by Naamit Mor Haim and Nahum Greenberg, will be broadcast on IBA Channel 1 on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 21:00.

The film, which premiered at the recent Haifa International Film Festival 2012, follows the return to religion (Hazara Be’Tshuva) of members of the younger generation from the Shomer HaTzair Kibbutz Movement, the most secular of all the Kibbutz Movements.

Synopsis: Udi, Yair and Arnon grew up in Kibbutz Beit Zera, one of the first kibbutzim of the Shomer HaTzair Movement. Now 37 years old, they sit day by day on the banks of the Jordan with a group of their friends, seeking an ideological, spiritual and personal alternative to the secular life on the kibbutz. All turn to Judaism, becoming Orthodox, each seeking his own path therein.

Their parents try to cope with this change, and with their own conflicted feelings. The film depicts the personal journey of these parents and children between the years 2004 – 2012. Produced by Nimrod Shait, Zed Films, the film is in Hebrew.


  1. hi niko!
    the film never got into the jerusalem ff, as far as i know
    it will be screened in the ciematuqe a few months from now
    you can join the facebok page of the film:
    the holy gathering – הקיבוץ הקדוש
    where we give all the latest information about it

  2. THis is the film that was removed from the jerusalem film festival? I really wanted to see it. Too bad i could nto attend the Haifa film festival…. Do you know of any screening in tel aviv soon (on the big screen)… i dont have any TV 🙁

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