Alternative Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony


” Since the Holocaust, time has gone backward, and from year to year its influence is only growing.”
Uzi Weil, Alternative Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony, 2004

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, an Alternative Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony will take place at Tmuna Theatre, 8 Soncino Street, Tel Aviv at 22:00. Admission is free.


Initiated by Avi Gibson Bar-El and Sarah Blau 15 years ago, as an alternative to complement traditional ceremonies commemorating Yom Hashoah, with discussions from a wide range of individuals – historians, writers, musicians, artists – many of them members of the third generation of Holocaust survivors, presenting their individual perspectives on the memory, consciousness and impact of the Holocaust in their own lives, and in contemporary culture. The discussions will take place in Hebrew.

The program for this year’s commemorative event will be moderated by Sara von Shwarze, and will feature: historian Prof. Moshe Zimmerman (Hebrew University); author Sara Blau; singer Riki Gal; journalist Anat Saragosti; Avi Gibson Bar-El; Yediot Ahronot literary critic Dr. Eric Glessner; film director Uri Rosenwaks; musicologist Irad Atir; actor/musician Amnon Fisher.

Founder, Director and Artistic Director: Avi Gibson Bar-El; Co-Artistic Director and Editor: Sarit Sabo; Co-Editor and Artistic Consultant: Nava Zuckerman. Tmuna Theatre, 8 Soncino Street, Tel Aviv, 03-5611211.