Hazira – New Dance 2013


Hazira Performance Art Arena will present New Dance 2013 – from June 25 – 27, 2013, at the Gerard Behar Center, Jerusalem. Artistic director Sahar Azimi, selected a cohort of choreographers to explore their own process in dance through an acquaintance with other arts, participating in workshops and coaching sessions. The participating choreographers are: Michal Herman, Shlomi Bitton, Lilach Livneh, Ran Ben Dror, Uri Shafir and Sophie Krantz.

Sahar Azimi and the choreographers of Hazira New Dance 2013/Photo: Yuval Yosef
Sahar Azimi and the choreographers of Hazira New Dance 2013/Photo: Yuval Yosef

The choreographers will present their works in two programs:

Mikbatz Aleph: Flik Flak by Michal Herman, Hora LaNe’ehazim: Research Performance by Lilach Livneh, Hits (Part Aleph) by Shlomi Bitton. Performances: June 25th at 20:00, June 26th at 21:45.

Mikbatz Bet: Fail Better by Uri Shafir, InSect Solo by Ran Ben Dror, Out Body Out by Sophie Krantz. Performances: June 25th at 21:45, June 26th at 20:00.

Habeas Corpus, curated by Anna Waisman, with the participation of the choreographers and dancers of New Dance 2013, will be performed on June 27th at 20:00, outdoors in the Gerard Behar Center Square. Admission FREE.

Shay Granot and Nevo Romano, who participated in Hazira’s dance program last year, will present their work Sha’a Im Ochlei Kol (An Hour with Omnivores) on June 27th at 21:00. The dance is performed in the nude.

Tickets are 70 NIS for one program/60 NIS advance purchase/50 NIS dance students. A combined ticket for program Aleph and Bet may be purchased for 120 NIS/110 NIS advance/100 NIS students and dancers. Tickets may be ordered online: www.hazira.org.il


  1. we are interested in participating at this fesyival. we are a spanish company and we present you a 10 min trio dance where contemporary dance and flamenco turn one.
    at out website you can also find more intormation.


    As we are storytellers, we strongly believe that tales should evolve the way things have done through the ages and besides, Little Red Riding Hood shouldn’t only be afraid of the wolf.
    By word of mouth, before the eyes of the world, from parents to children, without making everything so easy… Because we want the audience to conceive a landscape to become engrossed and just smile… Because these days happiness is a way to resist.

    Tres-tac is the process of three souls which walk hand in hand and are connected by something else than their umbilical cord: the need to look into the most intrinsic nature of a woman as well as the different egos lodged in her body. A journey to the intimacy of three characters who come on stage thanks to the symbiosis between the three arts they represent. Dance, theatre and music. Thus, we look for the crossover and balance in which they complement each other.

    The broken life is spinning, it’s turning round. Some of our plans are ruined and some others which we could have never thought become part of our lives. I couldn’t have ever dreamt about being a mother; it just happened. I barely realized the way that the wildest side of me had prevailed over the other role sold by society. Never in my life have I been so real but while giving birth; never in my life have I been so close to myself; never in my life have I been so age-old. And as a fruit of my loins, my heart was broken into two pieces. Two heartbeats, two lives even when rythm was the only thing which soothed the pain in the midst of purrs, songs and bumps.

    Only one heartbeat will hold them; temperament means independence and the “flamencorary” movement plays the game of making them be together and later keep them away from each other.

    Being born and being reborn, living and splitting, giving up and seducing… Because our heart is our soul and our soul has got tempo… Because tempo is set by your feet.


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