ayelet@midnight: november 24 2014

Ayelet Dekel - Midnight East Founder and Benevolent Dictator for Life/Photo: Dror Katz
Ayelet Dekel/Photo: Dror Katz

It’s been a week of light and darkness, a little more than a week since I last wrote and perhaps more dark than light. It all began with light, the warm glow of Sun Tailor and his music. The folk troubadour with an electric edge launched his second album This Light at The Barby on Saturday, November 15th and I’m so glad I was able to be there!
The rest of the week saw dark days with the violent attack on the synagogue, that left five good people dead, and five bereaved families. There are no words. Yet we search for the words, and look for a way to make sense of it all; let’s work to make our days full of light and meaning.

So I’ll go back to music, and quote Sun Tailor: “This light, this light won’t fade for us.”

On a more personal note, the morning after the concert I went back to my eye doctor for a checkup following the events described in my previous post, expecting to hear that all is well… but no. He saw a tear in the retina and sent me on to the hospital for a laser procedure to contain the tear. Laser surgery is pretty cool for the doctors, but I really think that the patients should be equipped with a lightsaber or mini lipstick tazer… just to even out the playing field. Apparently Sunday is my day for bad news, because when I went back yesterday to check on the outcome, the doctor said those words that no one ever wants to hear: “I don’t like what I see.” So, yes, I had to have the procedure again yesterday. Ouch. I’ll spare you the details. Here’s the good news: my vision is fine, or at least as fine as it ever was. I’m supposed to avoid physical exertion for a while, so no lifting pianos this week. Maybe I’ll listen to some music…

and looking ahead

Sunday November 30th Avi Lebovich and the Orchestra host Tamar Eisenman

Monday December 1st World AIDS Awareness Day – shout it out with music Rock4Life