New Year’s 2014


Midnight East recommends: start the New Year with laughter! Since it’s never too early to begin the fun, why not celebrate early with the wacky Hipopotam crew and the cult film Israeli Intelligence.

What to expect? Funny sketches, nonsense and lots of laughs! Israeli Intelligence, written and directed by Alon Gur Arye, is a comedy in the ‘Naked Gun’ genre (the Hebrew title, HaMossad HaSagur is a double entendre, referring both to the intelligence agency and the term for closed psychiatric ward). It is truly an organic Israeli creation, growing out of the creative “Hipopotam” – a radio comedy show that aired during 1999 – 2001, and then was reborn on the internet as a video program. The radio scripts were filmed and broadcast on Nana10, becoming so popular that two new seasons were created. This creative group is at the core of “Israeli Intelligence.” Everyone working on the film volunteered their services, including popular Israeli actors such as Ilan Dar. Gur Arye cold-called Dar, saying, “Hi, my name is Alon and you don’t know who I am but…” Not too surprisingly, Dar was not interested at first. But Gur Arye’s wife urged him to call again. This time Dar said, “I’ve read the screenplay. It’s completely foolish. Let’s do it.”

Let’s do it: Friday, December 26,2014 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, 23:45. The movie is in English, Hebrew and Suginian, with subtitles in English. Tickets are 30 NIS, and may be ordered online via this link.  Facebook event on this link  & read more about how Midnight East encountered Israeli Intelligence here.

New Year’s Eve: Wednesday, December 31st

Celebrate in style – roaring 20s style – at Pasáž with The Betty Bears! This simply wonderful band will have you dancing to their Swing/New Orleans/Dixieland rhythms! DJ My Lord will be on hand as well as Elegantly Wasted (Eyal Rob & Ariel Klatchkin) for a night of decadence and delight. Tickets are 30 NIS, and it all begins at 21:30. Pasáž, 94 Allenby, Tel Aviv. Facebook event page here.

Nitzan Horesh and the Cut Out Club will be rocking the Ozen Bar on the last night of the year – Wednesday, December 31, 2014. Joined by Sol Monk (stage name of drummer Aviv Cohen) and Rejoicer, with guest Keren Dun (Buttering Trio) . Tickets are 50/60 NIS, 40 NIS at Casino San Remo, link to facebook event page here.

Looking for a more intimate, acoustic evening? Itay Mazilo is artist of the month at Tsuzamen, on New Year’s Eve he’ll be hosting vocalists Tali Magory and Rose Weissberg, accompanied by Eran Sela on keys. The performance starts at 22:00, Tsuzamen, 25 Lilienblum, Tel Aviv. Admission is Free! Link to the facebook event here, and read more about Itay Mazilo here.

Image credit: End of Party by Juliana Coutinho