Voting: Acoustic or Electric?


March 17, 2015 is election day in Israel. You are planning to vote, right? Because your voice does matter, all our voices, each of us can and should make our voices heard. Who do you think should be leading this country, and what direction should we take?

On March 16th, it’s a different conundrum: which will you choose, acoustic or electric? At least in this case, I can tell you that they are both excellent options, pretty much guaranteed to bring you much more pleasure than whatever government we’ll elect on the 17th.


Nitzan Horesh & Cut Out Club/Photo: Adi Ofer
Nitzan Horesh & Cut Out Club/Photo: Adi Ofer

On the night before the elections, Pasáž and the 17th International Student Film Festival will be hosting the “Great Tel Aviv Election Party.” Nitzan Horesh and the Cut Out Club will be on hand with music equally appropriate for dance or despair at the state we’re in…


Keeping the mood light will be stand-up comedy performances, and to make sure everyone dances – Red Axes. There will be a voting booth at the entrance and election predictions will be announced later in the evening. There might even be visits from a politician or two… all happening at Pasáž, 94 Allenby St, Tel Aviv, starting at 21:00.
Links: Cut Out Club facebook


Ronen Green
Ronen Green

Ronen Green will be looking forward to the elections with “careful optimism” and an acoustic performance of songs from his album Puzzle, as well as new songs at Tsuzamen. Performing with Ronen will be: Eitan Yerushalmi – electric guitar; Stav Liphshitz – percussion; Gal Maestro – double bass. Ronen writes songs with a down to earth kind of hope, that sees (and tells) it like it is, but is always seeing the possibilities too. His latest song, Road of War, is now available for free download on bandcamp. Come hear Ronen Green at Tsuzamen, 25 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv, starting at 22:00.

Links: Ronen Green facebook, event page