Momix: Alchemia


2013-02-08 18.58.44

Momix transforms flesh, muscle, sinew, bone and blood into something amazing! These contemporary alchemists create an atmosphere of mystery, wonder and sheer delight! Choreographer and artistic director Moses Pendleton is a master illusionist, whose visions unfold in sound, imagery and sensation, communicating not through narrative, but by association and feeling.

Alchemia held its Israeli premiere tonight at the Israeli Opera – Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, and it is no wonder that this company of excellent dancers received several ovations throughout the evening. It has been described as a rather dark in comparison to the playfulness and humor of Pendleton’s previous works, and does indeed delve into a world of mystery and depths. Yet the mood is not one of gloom, but rather secretive, symbolic and enigmatic, with moments of shimmering illumination, grace, beauty, and humor.

The imaginative use of objects cannot be adequately conveyed by words alone – it must be experienced! The word “props” comes nowhere near to doing justice to the artistic vision expressed in this work. Long pillars evoke a sense of ceremony and the sacred, then in the hands of four male dancers shift and contort like a gigantic version of those bendy toys for fidgety people. Flames burst onto the scene, a dancer floats in the air, magical red mushrooms swirl around, the stars appear and glowing skeletal creatures sway to bouncy music then disappear into utter darkness. In one of the loveliest scenes, dancers in bell-like white skirts glide – yes, they simply glide across the stage – then make the skirts into shapes funny and strange, turning into a creature inside a shell, or a floating white seed. Magical.


Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center – Thursday, May 28th at 20:00; Friday, May 29th at 13:00; Saturday, May 30th at 21:00. To order tickets call: 03-6927777.

Jerusalem Theater – Monday, June 1, 2015 at 20:30. Tickets may be ordered from Bimot, via this link.

Haifa Auditorium – Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at 20:30. To order tickets call: 04-8662244.