Minaret of Defense


Minaret of Defense, a new installation by the Zik Group, will open at the Light Fall, Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Thursday, May 12, 2016, at 12:00. The opening event will take place on the occasion of Israel’s 68th Independence Day, admission free.

Image of Minaret of Defense courtesy of PR
Image of Minaret of Defense courtesy of PR

Zik Group is a unique presence on the Israeli cultural scene, creating sculpture as live performance. A community of artists integrating different disciplines in their art – original music, sound, cinema, sculpture, performance and new media merge into a shared aesthetic and emotional experience for the audience.

There is a strong sense of ritual in their performances, many of their works in the past have been complex structures constructed before an audience and then set ablaze. Zik group was founded in 1985 by several artists, many graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Zik places an emphasis on the social aspect of their work, meetings and discussions are part of their distinct artistic process.

The Minaret of Defense, a 25 meter tower, was designed for the Light Fall space by the Zik Group. Its shape and name alludes both to the minaret, the tower in a mosque from which the muezzin calls worshippers to prayer, and to its proximity to the Kirya, the defense center which also has a tower. The image is intended to raise multiple associations to the conflicts of the region, past and present.

The Minaret of Defense will be on view through October 5, 2016, Light Fall, Tel Aviv Museum of Art.