International Music Showcase IL 2016



The International Music Showcase is a marathon of Israeli jazz, world music, rock and indie bands, with performances taking place on two weekends: November 16 – 20 will focus on jazz and world music, and from November 23 – 27, it’s going to be all about rock, indie, pop and electronica. Join music industry experts from around the world in experiencing the diversity of the Israeli music scene.  Come and show your support for your favorite bands, and get to know some new favorites! The shows are open to the public for the very low ticket price of 20 NIS at The Yellow Submarine, Mifal and The Zone, 35 NIS at The Barby. The full program and list of participating musicians is available in English on the site, check it out here: & also on the Midnight Music page here.

Now in its 7th edition, the International Music Showcase is presented jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jerusalem Fund, produced by The Yellow Submarine, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Barak Weiss is the artistic director for jazz and world music; Hadas Vanunu is the artistic director for rock and indie.

Enjoy a selection of the participating bands:


Lucille Crew


The Aprons


Ester Rada




Yossi Fine and Ben Aylon