Piano Festival 2018: Lineup


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Piano Festival will take place from October 20 – 27, 2018, with 53 performances, among them exciting collaborations and unique festival productions. It’s one of the peak cultural events in Tel Aviv, bringing the richly diverse talents of the music scene together for a marathon of concerts, all centered on the piano.

There’s a terrific lineup this year!

Piano Festival 2018 – all the artists/Photo: Ayelet Dekel

Festival Productions

Shlomi Shaban and the piano – a festive opening concert with the Jerusalem Camerata, and special guest Rami Fortis

Eviatar Banai Ad HaAhava – solo performance with piano and guitar, and special guest Ehud Banai

Yoni Rechter – Hitkavnenut – songs from his rich repertoire of albums

Dani Sanderson – Around the Campfire – a special acoustic performance with guest Tom Aharon

Eran Tsur – Gender Blender – covers for songs recorded by women, with guest Orit Shahaf

Yermi Kaplan – Ad Achshav – a collection of his hits in special arrangements, with guest Maya Isac

Shiri Maymon – UnPlugged – in her first performance at the Piano Festival

Victoria Hanna – Aramaic rap

Special Collaborations

Berry Sakharof with Itamar Doari and Omri Mor, hosting Gilad Abro

Ishay Ribo & Eldad Zitron

Shai Tsabari & Mark Eliyahu

Maor Edry hosts Kobi Mandelbaum

Luna Abu Nassar & Neomi Hashmonay

Tribute Concerts

Alma Zohar – Dabri – celebrating the album’s 10th anniversary, with guest The Backyard

Miki Gavrielov – KsheHalamti Al Bayit – 25th anniversary of the concert and album launch, hosting Mehtap Demir, Trifonas, and Shira Gavrielov

Avi Singolda – The Guitar Salutes the Piano – with special guest Rami Kleinstein

Malka Spiegel – Rosh Balata – 25th anniversary of her debut album

Tamar Giladi – Hayu Leilot – a tribute to the songs of Mordecai Zeira, with guest Leah Shabat

Aya Korem – Yours, A. Korem – personal translations to the songs of Leonard Cohen

Gevatron – Bat 70 – Celebrating 70 years of Israeli song

Mostly Piano

Boaz Sharabi & Yaron Bachar

Marina Maximillian – solo performance, hosting Keren Peles

Arkady Duchin – Yesh Bi Ahava – hosting Yali Sobol

Yasmin Levy & Gil Shohat – Piano

Murray Hidary – Live in Tel Aviv – international guest at the festival

The Paz Band – purely piano

Premieres & Launches

Ariel Horowitz – Kshebanu Habayta – album launch with guest Nadav Hollander

Daniela Spektor – new show, with special guest Efrat Ben Zur

Maureen Nehedar – Lama Taamod Rahok – festive launch concert

Einav Jackson Cohen – Shnei Levavot – album launch & new show, with guest Karni Postel

Avi Grainek – new show, with guest Hen Amsalem

Yael Kraus – Nishar Rak Halom – pre-premiere performance

Poetry and Prose at the Piano

Assaf Amdursky & Roy Hassan – Mifgash

Erot – Tamar Mor Sela, Vered Piker, Sarit Vino Elad, with guest Dana Berger

Efrat Gosh – VePaam Ani Hayo Hayta, poetry of Yona Wallach, with guests Inbal Dance Company

Antishefa with Hagay Linik, Oved Efrat, Karni Postel, Or Edry, Assaf Talmudi and Noa Segal

Doron Tavory & Shaul Besser – Hagigat Kayitz – poems of Natan Alterman, festival premiere

Timna Braver – Hahayim Bevarod – tribute to French chansons

First Time Performers at the Festival

Sharon Kidushin and the Piano – Porsim Kanaf – with music from the upcoming album

Ha Yelala, with guest Guy Mintos on the piano

Omer Netzer

Liron Ben Shimon – Kilometer Lezriha

Yonit Shaked Golan – Rehoka MeDeagot

WC – electronic duo Aryeh Hasfari & Avshalom Hasfari

Boaz Krauzer

Jimbo J – special show for the festival

Yoni Livneh & Svurei Halev – Shirey Ahava LeAnashim Shelo Efgosh

Phototaxis – Neverland – first performance at the festival

Piano Festival for Kids – Saturday, October 27th

Yaldei Beit HaEtz

Magical Mystery Tour host Hemi Rodner

Eich Shir Nolad – Yehonatan Geffen and friends host Yehuda Atlas

Yarden Bar Kochba-Halperin & Didi Shahar – 200th birthday to Shabbat Baboker Galatz with special guests Anan al Makel, Im Pitom Tifgosh Aryeh, and conducted by Roni Porat

Daniel Salomon, Dana Adini, Ben Artzi – Ahat VeShtayim – original production for kids and parents

The Piano Festival is produced by the Performance Department of the Tel Aviv Municipality together with Hamon Volume and Zappa. Festival Director: Shabi Mizrahi, Deputy Director of the Arts and Culture Dept and Director of the Performance Dept. Tel Aviv Municipality; Artistic Director: Etti Aneta-Segev.

Tickets may be ordered from Zappa *9080 and online https://www.zappa-club.co.il/zappaclub/zappa-tel-aviv. Ticket prices are from 69 – 149 NIS.