Piano Festival 2019 – Lineup


The Piano Festival is one of Tel Aviv’s great traditions, a peak event on the cultural scene, celebrating the beauty and versatility of the piano with a staggering array of performances embracing a multitude of genres and styles – classical, rock, spoken word, pop, Israeli classics, electronica and Mediterranean music. Now in its 21st edition, the Piano Festival will take place from November 13 – 16, 2019, with a special closing concert on November 17th. Over 300 musicians will perform in 58 concerts taking place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Cameri Theatre, Noga Theatre, and Einav Cultural Center.

The Piano Festival is produced by the Performance Department of the Tel Aviv Municipality together with Hamon Volume and Zappa. Festival Director: Shabi Mizrahi, Deputy Director of the Arts and Culture Dept and Director of the Performance Dept. Tel Aviv Municipality; Artistic Director: Etti Aneta-Segev.

Tickets may be ordered from Zappa *9080 and online. Ticket prices range from 59 NIS – 159 NIS (discounts for Tel Aviv residents with Digital card).

Piano Festival 2019/Photo: Ayelet Dekel

Piano Festival 2019 – Lineup

Special Collaborations

Yoni Rechter with the orchestra “Shir Ahava Standarti”

Shlomi Shaban and the piano/Itamar Doari percussion “Duet” with guest Eran Tsur

Yehonatan Geffen & Shem Tov Levi “Hanasich Hakatan Hazar Eleinu”‘

Rivka Zohar “Ezeh Osher” with guest Riki Gal

Leonid Patshka & Ronnie Peterson “When Jazz Meets the Blues”

Sivan Talmor & Idan Rabinovici “Meet at the Piano”

Hila Ruah hosts Corinne Alal

Tatran & Yehezkel Raz

Shlomo Ydov & Anat Fort

Daniel Rubin hosts Dana Berger

Festival Productions

Aviv Geffen & The Mistakes acoustic

Shlomo Gronich celebrates 50 years onstage with Alon Olearchik & Omri Mor

Mosh Ben Ari hosts Yuval Dayan

BEMET (Hod Moshonov) & The Hafla Band

Elai Botner & The Outside Kids acoustic

Balkan Beat Box unplugged

Idan Haviv special performance for the Piano Festival

Yael Levy new performance for the Piano Festival

Hamsa – Indie women performers Nomke, Omer Moskovich, Bijoux, Kiki Malinki, Avigail Koevary

Mostly Piano

Keren Peles and the piano with special guest Nathan Goshen

Amir Dadon & Eran Mittelman

Alon Eder – guitar & piano

Eli Magen & Adi Rennart “Double Standard”

Zeev Tene & Udi Bonen

Roni Ginosar & Sagi Segal “Eighties Unplugged”

First Time Performers at the Festival

Eden Hasson

A-WA with their new album Bayti Fi Rasi & guest Shai Tsabari

Noga Erez special performance for the Piano Festival

Carakukly – Four handed piano performance

Folly Tree – acoustic

Noam Kleinstein – special performance for the Piano Festival

Sharon Tovah Levy – piano & more

Yossi Tsabari – “Yefeh Nefesh” Spoken Word Hafla with guest Barak Cohen

Tribute Performances

Tribute to pianist and composer Alona Turel “Ka’asher Ani VeAt”  Pianist and composer Alona Turel (1944 – 2019) was an integral part of the festival from its earliest days. The concert will feature many musicians who worked with Turel, as well as young musicians who admired and were influenced by her. Among the evening’s performers will be: Chava Alberstein, Shalom Hanoch, Nurit Galron, Yoni Rechter, Dori Ben Zeev, Alon Eder, HaPlatina, Doron Talmon, and many more…

Rona Keinan – 10 years to the album “Shirim LeYoel”

Oshik Levy “Kol HaShirim Hem Shelo” with guest Asaf Amdursky

Eric Berman – 10 years to the album “Haklatot Martef – Helek Alef”

Shahaf & Neta perform Matti Caspi songs

Avigail Rose

Premieres & Pre-Premieres

Efrat Ben Zur – “Ir Meruheket” with guest Shlomi Shaban

Norman Issa – “Lo Normani” – new entertainment show

Alon Lutringer – “Ground” new album launch

Tomer Yeshayahu – album launch with guest Daniela Spektor

Gadi Feingold – based on a story by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

Lior Perla –  “MeAz SheAzavt” album launch

Daniel Dor – performance with new album

Poetry & Prose at the Piano

Moni Moshonov, Lilian Berto, Dror Keren – “Oy Elias, Elias!” revival of Hanoch Levin‘s show, marking the 20th anniversary of his death

Naftali Alter sings Assi Dayan with guest Mazi Cohen

Rachel Shapira & Hani Dinur – “Perah Meshuga” songs & stories

Ronen Shapira – “HaAtid” with Micha Shetrit, Uri Hollander & Roni Somek

Omer Koren – “Eretz Lo” with guests Eli Eliyahu & Miriam Toukan

“When Wilensky Met Alterman” – tribute to poet Nathan Alterman & composer Moshe Wilensky with Natan Slor & Zipi Zarnkin, and guest Ran Eliran

Naama Nahum & Rami Harel – “HaLayla Shelach” musical dialogue between the songs of Nathan Alterman and Tirza Atar

Piano Festival for Kids

Indi Yeled sing Gidi Gov with guest Moni Moshonov

Rockville sing Queen

Marsh Dondurma – “Taninim Al Harosh” (Crocodiles on Your Head) new book and performance, read the full Midnight East review here.

“Magash HaKetzev” – songs of Nathan Alterman for kids

Ohad Hitman sings Disney songs with guest Adi Bity


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