Hoodna Orchestra Releases New Single: Sof Layla (Ba Hoodna)


Sof Layla – the end of night. Hoodna Orchestra’s new single reminds me of so much that I love and long for in these strange days. Live music shows – how I miss them!


Sof Layla captures that 4am mood, still awake after a night of music or conversation, when mind and body are tired but still humming with layers of feeling, open to experience. Awake when most everyone is asleep; the streets are almost empty and the city is dark. Flickers of thoughts, sensations, illuminated by streetlight, and deep inside that insistent rhythm that pulses beneath the skin, urging the body to keep on moving. Out in the night, wandering, seeking out kindred spirits, there are places that call out to you, draw you in. Because it’s not just Sof Layla, it’s Sof Layla Ba Hoodna – as the band writes in their description of the song, it was inspired by the Hoodna Bar in Florentin, a place that is home for so many music makers, listeners, dancers.

I have wonderful memories of the Hoodna Bar – the members of the Hoodna Orchestra all close together onstage, and the audience standing, dancing, a breath away (nights like this one: https://www.midnighteast.com/mag/?p=38250). And memories of other bands, other nights at the Hoodna – going to a friend’s fiction reading, hanging out with friends drinking beer… I’m so looking forward to the time when the Hoodna Bar and other beloved Tel Aviv places will reopen, and people can gather together, sharing music, laughter and love. The Hoodna Bar has begun a headstart project so that they can reopen and remain open. Here’s the link: https://headstart.co.il/project/57653

Links to the Hoodna Orchestra: YouTube; facebook;

The Hoodna Orchestra


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