International Dance Biennale TLV 2022: Calling All Choreographers


Choreographers and dancers – Tel Aviv’s first Dance Biennale is open for proposals!

Scheduled to take place in early 2022, the Biennale is under the artistic direction of Yair Vardi, former Director of the Suzanne Dellal Centre. Hosting international and Israeli dance companies, independent choreographers and dancers, the Biennale will feature a variety of dance genres including contemporary dance, hip-hop, flamenco and tango. Highlighting young and emerging Israeli and international choreographers the Biennale will offer Israeli audiences the opportunity to see the best of current trends in dance worldwide, live, onstage. The Biennale also seeks to invite new audiences to experience the joy of dance, and the program will include performances for the public at large, as well as workshops, masterclasses, panel discussions, a photography exhibit and festival of dance films.

The Biennale is currently reaching out to all choreographers, dancers, dance companies and creative artists who would like to participate with a new or renewed dance work. In addition to the open call for dance works, there is also a call for interdisciplinary works that connect the arts to technology, or other fields such as the culinary arts. Proposals will be accepted until March 19, 2021. For application forms, please write to:

The Dance Biennale is the initiative of EGOeast Productions, specializing in concept events and festivals, and Gad Oron-Music Business productions. Uri Hartman is the Biennale Producer.