Confederation House: Contemporary Palestinian Arab Poetry in Israel

Sheikha Haliwa/Photo: Bar Gordon

The Confederation House will host a program focused on contemporary Palestinian Arab poets in Israel. Through the poems, audiences will have the opportunity to learn about the literature and culture of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel. Edited by Dr. Basilius Bowardi and Dr. Rim Ghanaim, the texts chosen will relate to issues such as the individual opposite the collective, attitudes towards women, the body, the soul, God and other issues. The first two sessions will feature poets reading from one another’s works. The sessions will be streamed live online on the Confederation House facebook page. Access is free.

A Poet Reads a Poet

The first encounter will be a discussion between two of the important poets in the world of Arabic poetry: Nidaa Khoury and Sheikha Haliwa. Each will read from the other’s work, tracing their characters, each in her own way. Through the varied texts we shall learn about the poetic process of each, of the present and absent in their works, and how they are viewed in a society in which the masculine voice is dominant, in poetry and elsewhere. Moderator: Dr. Basilius Bowardi.

Wednesday, March 10, at 20:30

Young Palestinian Arab Poetry in Israel

This encounter will be a conversation between two young poets: Nasreen Ghadban and Ali Qadri. Each embarked on an exploration of the other’s works and will explore how they crossed boundaries and redefined their personal identity, cultural and national. The encounter will shed light on young Palestinian Arab poetry in Israel and on the emergence of a movement in poetry that does not conform to conventional axioms. Moderator: Dr. Basilius Bowardi.

Sunday, March 18 at 20:30

The sessions will be streamed live online via Zoom on the Confederation House facebook page. Access is free.

*Information on the poetry program has been provided by Confederation House.