Ophir Nominated Films at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque


The Israeli Academy of Film and Television will present the Ophir Awards on September 18, 2022. Leading up to the ceremony, audiences will have an opportunity to see several of the top-nominated films at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, with the film’s director’s in attendance at some of the screenings. Screenings of the following films will take place from September 11 – 17, 2022:

Valeria is Getting Married/Courtesy of Lama Productions/Photo: Guy Raz

Valeria is Getting Married – nominated for 14 Ophir Awards – on Monday, September 12th

Director Michal Vinik will be in attendance. The film focuses on the experiences of a young Ukrainian woman who is about to be married to an Israeli man, Eitan. Her sister Christina married an Israeli four years ago, and lives with him in Israel. Now Valeria waits for her future husband – a man she has never met – in her sister’s apartment. The events of the evening will lead both sisters to consider decisions past and present.

Cinema Sabaya/Courtesy of Green Productions/Photo: Ella Barak

Cinema Sabaya – nominated for 12 Ophir Awards – on Sunday, September 11th

Director Orit Fouks Rotem (winner of Best Debut Feature in the Israeli Competition at the 2021 Jerusalem Film Festival) will be in attendance. The film follows eight Arab and Jewish women who take part in a video workshop hosted by Rona (Dana Ivgy), a young filmmaker. Through their participation in the group, they come to know one another, and gain a different perspective on their beliefs and world view.

Downhill 35/Courtesy of Kobi Mizrahi Production/Photo: Oded Ashkenazi

Downhill 35 (Hebrew title: HaDerech LeEilat) – nominated for 11 Ophir Awards – on Tuesday, September 13th

Director Yona Rozenkier will be in attendance. The film won several awards at the 2022 Jerusalem Film Festival, including Best Feature in the Israeli Competition, Best Actor for Shmuel Vilozni, and Best Cinematography to Oded Ashkenazi. Unemployed and depressed, Ben (Yoel Rozenkier), his wife and infant son visit the kibbutz where he grew up in Northern Israel. He’s hoping to persuade his father Albert (Shmuel Vilozni) to help him claim the lost family apartment in Warsaw. But Albert has other plans in mind. He makes a drunken bet, with about half the kibbutz members as witnesses, that he can drive a tractor all the way to Eilat.

Savoy/Courtesy of Zohar Wagner/Photo: Mosh Misholi

Savoy – nominated for 7 Ophir Awards – on Thursday, September 15th

Director Zohar Wagner will be in attendance. Wagner was awarded Best Director of a documentary at the 2022 Jerusalem Film Festival, with Nili Feller and Shauly Melamed awarded Best Editing for their work on Savoy. Kochava Levi, a 31-year-old housewife of Yemeni descent, was taken hostage during an attack on the Savoy hotel in Tel Aviv (March 1975). Over the course of one night, she transformed herself into a fearless heroine. However, by dawn, she was left with nothing but shame. The film merges documentary archival material with re-enactments, featuring  Dana Ivgy and Ala Dakka.

Where is Anne Frank?/Courtesy of Bridgit Folman Film Gang

Where is Anne Frank? – nominated for 2 Ophir Awards, including Best Film – on Friday, September 16th

One year from today, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, Kitty, to whom Anne devoted her diary, magically comes to life at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Kitty believes that if she’s alive, Anne must be alive as well. She sets out on a relentless quest to find Anne.

Virginity/Courtesy of Ben Tal Productions/Photo: Boaz Yaakov

Virginity – nominated for 5 Ophir Awards, including Best Director – on Saturday, September 19

“Boy” is growing up, questioning what becoming a man is all about. On the one hand, he can’t wait to leave his traumatic childhood behind, and on the other hand, he is growing up in a far-off village with no real friends his age.

Tickets may be ordered online from the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (the page is in Hebrew).