Rina Schenfeld to Premiere New Works at the Inbal Theatre

Rina Schenfeld – BeHadri/Photo: Agi Bendak

Dancer/choreographer Rina Schenfeld will premiere two new works at the Inbal Theatre: Behadri (in my room), a solo to the music of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and VeUlay (and perhaps) to the poetry of Meredith Monk.  The performances will take place on Friday, January 6, 2023 at 13:00, and Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 20:30 at the Inbal Dance Theatre, the Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv.

Schenfeld released a statement: “I return time and again to Picasso’s words – ‘it took me four years to learn how to paint like Raphael, but it has taken my entire life to learn how to paint like a child’. To dance like a child. It took me ten years to learn to dance like Martha Graham and a lifetime to learn how to dance like a child…so now it takes me ten good years to reach wabi sabi, which is to be a child, to dance like a child and reach my roots. I no longer want important compositions, great and perfect in their beauty and exaggerated technique. I just want something simple, natural, human. Innovating and becoming renewed, discovering, radiating the sun that shines within me, the bird that has returned to its nest, the one who flew from its nest, and the dog that wants to be petted again…”

These words describe the place from which Rina Schenfeld is creating today, after all the summits she has reached throughout a successful career as a dancer and choreographer who has created 90 dance works that have been performed on the world’s most prestigious stages.

Rina Schedfeld – BeHadri/Photo: Agi Bendak

BeHadri (in my room) is a solo that Schenfeld created to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, as well as the music of Ari Frankel. She uses objects and different materials that characterize her unique dance language that merges feeling with structure, playing with shapes, space, and time. She dances the seasons, breaking conventions, tumbling down walls, and moves between the seasons of life with her partners – six walls, two tables, and three chairs. After dancing in the space she has made for herself and looked in the mirror, she recites the words of a poem she has written.

VeUlay – Rina Schenfeld Dance Company/Photo: Agi Bendak

VeUlay (and perhaps) is a work created by Rina Schenfeld and performed with her company, inspired by the American poet, musician, and choreographer Meredith Monk. “Last chance, last dance, last minute, last laugh, last round… last supper… last word… last breath” – the words of Meredith Monk’s song (lyrics by James Hillman) accompany the dance as dancers Joanna Ofer, Ayala Yaakov, Lena Rikner, Denise Klein and Dorit Kochavi dance and improvise. At the dance’s close they raise a torch, as in a feminine ritual in which they march toward a better future.

Tickets may be ordered on the Inbal Theatre website: https://inbal.smarticket.co.il

*Information and texts are from a press release in Hebrew, lightly edited and translated to English.