Canadian Blues Musician Brian Cober in Israel

Brian Cober

Brian Cober – a blues guitar player with a unique double slide technique will be touring throughout Israel February 17 – 28, 2011. Cober hails from Toronto and has performed with Jeff Healey, Bo Diddley, Dave Colter, Laura Hubert and many other blues artists. 

Get acquainted with Brian & listen to his original “Don’t Tell Me About the Blues” on YouTube:

Brian “Double Slide” Cober Israeli gigs:

 THU- Feb.17- 20:00-Mike’s Place – Tel-Aviv (electric band)
86 Herbert Samuel St. Tayelet Tel-Aviv, reservation 057-9444122

FRI – Feb.18 – 14:00 – Nola Socks – Haifa (electric band)
4 Shalom Aleichem St. , Ziv Centre – Haifa, reservation 077-7929159

SAT – Feb.19 – 21:00 – Eli’s Pub – Haifa (acoustic gig)
35 Yaffo Road, Downtown Haifa, reservation 04-8525550

SUN – Feb.20 – 21:00 – Pro Rock Pub – Tel-Aviv (electric band)
11 Levontin St., Tel-Aviv, reservation 054-4666000

MON – Feb.21 – 21:00 – Scola Pub – Haifa (acoustic gig)
22 Sderot Pal-Yam, Downtown Haifa, reservation 04-8663388

TUE – Feb.22 – Libira Brewery Pub – Haifa (acoustic gig)
21 Neemanim st (15 Ein Dor st)  Haifa, reservation 054-7931760

THU- Feb.24- 21:00-Rodeo Pub – Haifa (electric gig)
23 Balfour St., Hadar Haifa, reservation 054-4805129

FRI – Feb.25 – 22:00 – Milestone Jazz Club- Gan Shmuel (electric gig)
Kibbutz Gan Shmuel,  reservation 04-6222366

SAT – Feb.26 – 21:00 – Bar-Cot Pub – Beer-Sheva (electric gig)
46 Yair Stern St.,Old City Beer-Sheva, reservation 057-9455512

SUN – Feb.27 – 21:00 – Blaze Pub (electric gig)
23 Hillel St., Jerusalem, reservation 054-4666000

MON – Feb.28 – 21:30 – Cafe Netto – Haifa (blues with jazz trio)
11 Moriah Blvd., Carmel Haifa, reservation 04-8383866


  1. Hi Brian,

    Wow way to go! You sound amazing. Love those blues songs! Have a great time in Israel. You have come a long way with your music. I haven’t heard you play in a long time. Wow awsome.

    Your cousin

    Kathy Vandenbroek

  2. love this guys performance, saw him in lithuania – bliuzo naktys (bluez nights) ant it was spectacular. he and the road band were the best in the show… the music was great, and how they felt on the stage, the comfort they showed… it was awesome! 🙂

  3. Brian Cober recorded 3 Cd’s with canadian band Nationals and released his new solo CD called ”Real Far Gone” in 2010.
    Brian performed rhytm and blues onstage in many festivals in Europe and North America and now you can see him onstage in Israel.

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