Hamshushalayim – Eating in Jerusalem December 16th

Eating in Jerusalem/Photo courtesy of PR

Eating in Jerusalem, part of the Hamshushalayim celebrations, combines talks with Jerusalem chefs and culinary researchers with a historical tour of the Old City market, accompanied by guides of the Tower of David Museum.

This Friday, December 16, 2011 at 10:00 Chef Ezra Kedem will talk about his personal journey, and the development of an individual style through his insistence on local materials and the desire to make vegetables and spices stars of the kitchen.

At 11:15 a tour of the Jerusalem Market begins from the Tower of David and its spectacular view over the city. The tour offers a special encounter with the Old City markets of Jerusalem from Roman times to the colors and smells of the market today.

Elinoar Rabin, author of many cookbooks and “Jerusalem Culinary Story,” will share her experiences with the audience at 13:00.

Additional information and reservations: 02-6265333 and *2884. Group reservations: 02-6265327. More information on the Tower of David Museum www.towerofdavid.co.il.