Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 2015

Elena Bashkirova/Photo courtesy of PR
Elena Bashkirova/Photo courtesy of PR

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, now in its 18th edition, will take place from September 3 – 12, 2015, under the artistic direction of Elana Bashkirova. Musicians from all over the world will be coming to Jerusalem to participate in the festival’s tradition of providing a stage for new compositions, re-discovering rarely performed works, and quality performances of well-known and beloved chamber music works.

Concerts will take place at the YMCA, 26 David Hamelech Street, Jerusalem. Tickets for each concert are 150 NIS, with discounts available for multiple purchases, seniors and friends of the festival. To order call: 02-6250444. The Festival website:

The full program:

Thursday, September 3rd at 19:30

Beethoven String Quartet no. 2 in G major, op. 18/2
Jerusalem Quartet

Martinů Duo for Violin & Cello, H. 157
Kathrin Rabus – violin, Tim Park – cello

Beethoven Piano Trio no. 4 in B flat major, op. 11 Gassenhauer
Elena Bashkirova – piano, Shirley Brill – clarinet, István Várdai – cello

Beethoven An die Ferne Geliebte, op. 98
Georg Nigl – baritone, Elena Bashkirova – piano

Dvořák Piano Quintet no. 2 in A major, op. 81
Plamena Mangova – piano, Michelangelo String Quartet

Friday September 4th at 12:00

Beethoven String Quartet no. 3 in D major, op. 18/3
Jerusalem Quartet

Dvořák Slavonic Dances
op. 46/8  G minor, op. 72/2  E minor, op. 72/7 C major
Plamena Mangova, Sunwook Kim – piano

Dvořák Biblical Songs, op. 99
Georg Nigl  – baritone, Jonathan Aner – piano


Zemlinsky Trio for Clarinet, Cello & Piano in D minor, op. 3
Plamena Mangova – piano,  Shirley Brill – clarinet, Tim Park – cello

Beethoven Piano Trio no. 7 in B flat major, op. 97 Archduke
Sunwook Kim – piano, Michael Barenboim – violin, István Várdai – cello

András Schiff/Photo: Birgitta Kowsky
András Schiff/Photo: Birgitta Kowsky

Friday, September 4th at 21:00

Special Concert

Piano Recital
András Schiff

Haydn              Piano Sonata in C major, Hob. XVI/50
Beethoven     Piano Sonata no. 30 in E major, op. 109
Mozart             Piano Sonata no. 16 in C major, K. 545
Schubert          Piano Sonata no. 19 in C minor, D. 958

Saturday September 5th at 11:30

Michelle De Young  mezzo-soprano
Elena Bashkirova piano


Von ewiger liebe
Dein Blaues auge
Meine liebe ist grün

Berg Sieben frühe Lieder

Mahler  Kindertotenlieder

Saturday September 5th at 20:15

Beethoven Piano Trio no. 3 in C minor, op. 1/3
Sunwook Kim – piano, Kathrin Rabus – violin, István Várdai – cello

Weinberg  Piano Quintet in F minor, op. 18
András Schiff – piano, Jerusalem Quartet


Debussy En blanc et noir, L. 134
Kirill Gerstein, András Schiff – piano

Beethoven String Quartet no. 7 in F major, op. 59/1
Michelangelo String Quartet

Sunday September 6th at 19:30

Beethoven  String Quartet no. 4 in C minor. op. 18/4
Jerusalem Quartet

Schoenberg Ode to Napoleon
Georg Nigl  – baritone, Denis Kozhukhin – piano, Michael Barenboim,  Kathrin Rabus – violins
Madeleine Carruzzo – viola, Tim Park – cello


Martinů Sonatina for Clarinet & Piano, H. 356
Jonathan Aner – piano, Shirley Brill – clarinet

Dvořák Piano Trio no. 4 in E minor, op. 90 Dumky
András Schiff – piano, Latica Honda-Rosenberg – violin, István Várdai – cello

Monday September 7th at 19:30

Beethoven Piano Trio no. 5 in E flat major, op. 70/2
Martin Helmchen – piano, Latica Honda-Rosenberg – violin, Julian Steckel – cello

Korngold – String Sextet in D major, op. 10
Michael Barenboim, Asi Matathias – violins, Li-Kuo Chang, Madeleine Carruzzo – violas, Julian Steckel, Tim Park – cellos


Saed Haddad Stabat Mater world premiere Special JCMF Commission
Claire Meghnagi – soprano, Shirley Brill – clarinet, Asi Matathias -violin,
Li-Kuo Chang – viola, Tim Park – cello

Beethoven String Quartet no. 9 in C major, op. 59/3
Michelangelo String Quartet

Tuesday September 8th at 19:30

Stravinsky Divertimento (Suite from Le Baiser de la Fée)
Asi Matathias – violin, Denis Kozhukhin – piano

Beethoven String Quartet no. 8 in E minor, op. 59/2
Michelangelo String Quartet


Bartók Violin Sonata no. 2, Sz.76
Latica Honda-Rosenberg – violin,  Kirill Gerstein – piano

Rachmaninov Symphonic Dances, op. 45
Kirill Gerstein, Denis Kozhukhin – pianos

Wednesday September 9th at 19:30

Dvořák String Quintet no. 2 in G major, op. 77
Alexander Sitkovetsky, Latica Honda Rosenberg – violins, Li-Kuo Chang – viola,  Alisa Weilerstein – cello, Burak Marlali – double bass

Bartók Contrasts, Sz. 111
Elena Bashkirova – piano, Alexander Sitkovetsky – violin,  Pascal Moragues – clarinet

Beethoven Grosse Fuge in B flat major, op. 134 (piano 4 hands)
Martin Helmchen, Denis Kozhukhin – piano


Dvořák  Sonatina in G major, op. 100
Latica Honda Rosenberg – violin, Martin Helmchen – piano

Beethoven String Quartet no. 6 in B flat major, op. 18/6

Thursday September 10th at 19:30

Prokofiev Quintet in G minor, op. 39
Yael Zamir – oboe, Pascal Moragues – clarinet, Asi Matathias – violin, Madeleine Carruzzo – viola, Burak Marlali – double bass

Dvořák – Waldesruhe, op. 68/5 (From The Bohemian Forest)
Julian Steckel – cello, Jonathan Gilad – piano

Beethoven String Quartet no. 5 in A major, op. 18/5
Jerusalem Quartet


Prokofiev Overture on Jewish Themes, op. 34
Elena Bashkirova – piano, Latica_Honda-Rosenberg, Asi Matathias – violins, Shira Majoni – viola, Tim Park – cello, Pascal Moragues – clarinet

Dvořák Piano Quartet no. 2 in E flat major, op. 87
Martin Helmchen – piano, Nikolaj Znaider – violin, Li-Kuo Chang – viola,  Alisa Weilerstein – cello

Friday September 11th at 12:00

Stravinsky Suite from L’Histoire du Soldat
Jonathan Gilad – piano, Alexander Sitkovetsky – violin, Pascal Moragues – clarinet

Beethoven Piano Trio in D major, op. 70/1 Ghost
Kirill Gerstein – piano, Kolja Blacher – violin, Julian Steckel – cello


Martinů Nonet, H. 374
Eyal Ein-Habar – flute, Yael Zamir – oboe, Pascal Moragues – clarinet, Sharon Polyak – horn, Richard Paley – bassoon, Alexander Sitkovetsky – violin, Shira Majoni – viola, Sennu Laine – cello, Burak Marlali – double bass

Tomer Yariv  Bar-toks (Conversations with Bartok in the 21st century)
Tomer Yariv –  percussion

Bartók  Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion, Sz. 110
Kirill Gerstein, Jonathan Gilad  – pianos, Lev Loftus, Tomer Yariv – percussion

Friday September 11th at 21:00
Memorial Concert for Meir Barlach

Brahms Clarinet Quintet in B minor, op. 115
Pascal Moragues – clarinet, Nikolaj Znaider, Asi Matathias – violins,
Shira Majoni – viola, Sennu Laine – cello

Schubert String Quintet in C major, D. 956
Kolja Blacher, Alexander Sitkovetsky – violins, Madeleine Carruzzo – viola,
Tim Park, Julian Steckel – cellos

Saturday September 12th at 20:15

Martinů Trio in F major for Flute, Cello & Piano, H. 300
Eyal Ein Habar – flute, Sennu Laine – cello, Jonathan Gilad – piano

Rachmaninov Cello Sonata in G minor, op. 19
Alisa Weilerstein – cello, Denis Kozhukhin – piano


Dvořák Terzetto in C major, op. 74
Asi Matathias, Yamen Saadi – violins, Shira Majoni – viola

Mendelssohn String Octet in E flat major, op. 20
Kolja Blacher, Asi Matathias  David Strongin, Yamen Saadi  – violins,
Shira Majoni, Madeleine Carruzzo – violas,  Alisa Weilerstein, Sennu Laine – cellos