Being a Girl in Bat Yam


Since even Freud couldn’t figure out what women want, maybe it’s about time to focus on what girls are up to. The Bat Yam Municipality, in collaboration with “The National Women’s Parliament” is hosting a panel discussion on the topic of girls in contemporary media, moderated by Linoy Bar Gefen on Tuesday, February 16 at 18:30 at the Payes Building, 5 Simtat HaDekel Street in Bat Yam. The event is free and open to the public.

A diverse group of speakers will be on hand to discuss hot topics, from the editor of a prominent Israeli women’s magazine, to three high school students who will tell the audience what it’s really like to be a girl.

The topics and speakers:
 “The Virtual World of Girls in 2010” –  Hannah Beit HaLachmi, Strategic consultant
“Girls and Contemporary Media from a Girl’s Point of View” – Meitar Laor and Ortal Oz of Ramot High School, and Karin Kashi, representative of the municipal youth council
“The Effect of Women’s Media on the World View of Girls and Women” –Orna Nenner, Editor of LaIsha Magazine
“Self-Image in Social Media and the Internet” –Revital Salomon, Internet and Content Specialist

“Being A Girl” is an ongoing project of the Bat Yam Municipality which aims to shed light on the life experience of girls in Israel, in an attempt to understand and express this experience from a point of view that is without prejudice, and is neither patronizing nor judgmental. The project takes place over the entire year and endeavors to increase awareness, self-image, and effect a conceptual change in approach through its work with a broad spectrum of professionals, parents and the general public.

The various projects include:

Workshops for girls in different areas of the arts that focus on gender issues. The products of the workshops will be presented at the main event of the project.

Encouraging and integrating discussion and consideration of gender issues in the school curriculum through involvement of educators in discussion sessions, the work of youth groups such as “Youth Leading Change” (Hebrew – Nearim veNearot Movilim Shinui) and the internalization of gender issues as an essential topic for educators.

Encouraging academic research on the topic – a conference will take place on June 2, presenting both academic papers and summarizing the results of the projects that have taken place in the town throughout the year.

The main event of the project will be open to the public and is scheduled to take place on June 3. Art, music, video and theatre projects by girls and about girls will give the public a new look on “Being a Girl in 2010.”

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