Mira Awad – Chambers of Your Heart

Mira Awad – Chambers of Your Heart

Mira Awad opens minds and hearts with her beautiful, warm, voice and songs. As we look forward to a new calendar year, she has just released a song, Chambers of Your Heart, dedicated to the memory of Isac, a young child who came to Israel from Ethiopia for much needed heart surgery, which, sadly, as his illness was diagnosed at a very late stage, he did not survive. Yet the work of the organization that brought Isac to this country, Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), is ongoing, and it is in support of this important work that Awad dedicated the song.

Mira Awad with Isac

Chambers of Your Heart is a gift from Awad to all listeners, the song may be downloaded free from Mira Awad’s website.  Awad is a goodwill ambassador of SACH, which reaches out to children all over the world, to improve the quality of cardiac care. Awad met Isac on one of her visits to the SACH center in Holon, and was touched by the joy and smiles of the child. Saddened by his death, she composed the song, with lyrics in the three languages that surrounded Isac during his sojourn in the hospital: English, Hebrew and Arabic. Awad offers Chambers of the Heart as a gift, in the hope that it will encourage people to visit the SACH website and open their hearts to help more children.