Reuniting 25 years after their last concert, UZEB, the jazz fusion band from Montreal, will perform one concert in Israel, on July 13, 2017 at the Wohl Amphitheater.  The band will perform music from their ten albums as well as new materials.

UZEB/Photo courtesy of PR

UZEB was founded in 1976 by guitarist Michel Cusson with bassist Alain Carron, drummer Paul Brochu joined in later. Initially a quartet, performing with a keyboard player, the band found its signature sound and performed as a trio since 1987. Noted for their merging of instrumental technique and technology, their innovative employment of MIDI sequencers gave them the sound of a larger band. Making their debut European performance in 1981, over the years the band toured Europe and the Far East, performing in 17 different counties, including a concert in Israel as part of their 1990 world tour. Performing their farewell concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1992 to a crowd of 96,000 people, UZEB disbanded at the height of their popularity.

UZEB/Photo: Denis Alix

Yet unlike many other bands after a split, the members of UZEB remained friends, and even performed together as Brochu did with Cusson on The Wild Unit. The band tells that this current reunion came about when the three met socially, with the conversation turning to music, and thoughts about performing together again. In addition to their concert, the band will conduct a master class at The Barby on July 14th.


UZEB R3UNION concert at Wohl Amphitheater, Thursday, July 13, 2017. Doors open at 20:00. Ticket prices range from 300 – 454 NIS, and may be purchased online via this link.

UZEB master class at The Barby (52 Kibbutz Galuyot), Friday, July 14, 2017. Doors open at 13:00. Alain Caron – bass guitar, Michel Cusson – guitar, and Paul Brochu – drums) will each present separately, playing and discussing their music, process, and use of technology, after which they will hold a joint Q & A session with the audience. The event is intended not only for guitarists, bassists & drummers, but for all musicians. Doors open at 13:00, tickets are 180 NIS and may be purchased via this link.