Vertigo Dance Company Festival: December 2020

Birth of the Phoenix/Photo: Yoel Levy

The Vertigo Dance Company will mark the close of 2020, a year in which we all have been challenged by the global pandemic, with a gift to audiences worldwide: an online dance festival that will take place from December 27 – 31, 2020, with viewing free and open to the public. The festival will include premieres of new works, performances of works from the company’s repertoire, a work by Vertigo – The Power of Balance, a look behind the scenes of the company, the Tedx talk of Artistic Director Noa Wertheim, and a tour of the Vertigo Eco-Village at Kibbut Netiv HaLamed Heh, established to fulfill the company’s vision of art, community, environment. The festival will be available for viewing on the Vertigo Dance Company facebook page and YouTube channel.

Festival highlights include:

Bardo – a new work by Noa Wertheim for the Vertigo Dance Company. Bardo is a concept in Tibetan tradition, referring to the transitional state of existence between death and birth, a time when the individual may encounter many experiences, whether of insight or danger, whose imprint remains within the soul. Premiere.

A duet created by choreographer Rina Wertheim-Koren and percussionist Itamar Doari. The two creative artists explore their personal and family narratives through movement, sound and drums. Premiere.

Shape on Us – a work by choreographer Sharon Fridman and Vertigo – Power of Balance, which premiered at the Israel Festival 2020. Featuring an ensemble of nine disabled and non-disabled dancers from the Power of Balance and Vertigo Dance Company, Shape On Us is a wonderfully inventive, playful, lively, intensely physical and emotionally evocative work that raises myriad thoughts on disability, social conventions, aesthetics, and our discourse on disability.

Birth of the Phoenix – a work of enduring power and beauty, dazzling in its sensual, spiritual force. The dance takes place outdoors, performed inside a geodesic bamboo dome. What takes place inside that circle is a mesmerizing dance at once intensely physical and at the same time evoking the sense of ritual. Sensual slow curving motions metamorphose into strong, fast, leaps and twirls. The dancers are at the center, with people all around, as they perform these rites, they take us, the viewers, with them, and we all experience a transformation. All that we see is not calm, there are confrontations, challenges, forces between the dancers pulling in different directions, shifts in the balance of power.


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