66th Annual ACUM Awards Announced


The Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers in Israel (ACUM) announced the winners for the 66th annual awards ceremony, celebrating the Israeli music industry. Honoring the contributions of those who have most influenced the current music scene, the ceremony will take place on Sunday, July 9, 2023 at 20:30 at Cinema City, Glilot.

The Award Winners

Rami Kleinstein/Photo: Orit Pnini

The Ehud Manor Lifetime Achievement Award – Rami Kleinstein.

Izhar Ashdot/Photo: Ohad Romano

The Naomi Shemer Lifetime Achievement Award – Izhar Ashdot

Full Trunk/Photo: Shay Franko
Jimbo J/Photo: Dan Yehuda

Moshe Wilensky Award for Song of the Year – “Stalbet BaKibbutz” by Full Trunk and Jimbo J

Pe’er Tasi/Photo: Moshe Nahmovich

Uzi Hitman Award for Album of the Year – Pe’er Tasi and Eitan Darmon for “Radio Shetah”

Odaya/Photo: Tal Abudi

Inbal Permutter Award for Discovery of the Year – Odaya

Avi Aburomi/Photo: Amit Naim

Sasha Argov Award for Composer of the Year – Avi Aburomi

Tamar Yahalomi/Photo: Mor Zidon

Yossi Banai Award for Lyricist of the Year – Tamar Yahalomi

Matan Dror/Photo: Aya

Yair Rosenblum Award for Arranger of the Year – Matan Dror

Anna Zak/Photo: Shay Tamir

ACUM On Air Award for Most Played Song – “Lech Lishon” performed by Anna Zak; lyrics and music: Ron Biton, Yarden Peleg, Itay Shimoni; Arrangement: Yarden Peleg (Jordi)

ACUM On Air Award for Most Played Song in English – “As It Was” performed by Harry Styles; Israeli publishing representative Universal Israel

Esther Shamir/Photo: Melanie Panton

Special Awards from the ACUM Board of Directors will be awarded to singer songwriter Esther Shamir and producer Louis Lahav for their respective contributions to Israeli music and culture.

Louis Lahav/Photo: Ilya Malnikov