Image: Eliza Duenow

Nir Zook’s Noa Bistro is launching an exhibition series: The Jaffa Aesthetic. “WallShards” a series of sculpted photographic works by Eliza Duenow will open the series on August 1 with a reception from 19:00 – midnight. Zook plans to hold five annual art events at the Noa Bistro, with Duenow as the lead curator for future events, with a focus on what they call “the Jaffa aesthetic”.

In a press release, Duenow describes this as: Distressed, dilapidated, rundown, battered, haggard, rickety, wrecked, ramshackled, tattered… or perfectly aged down, saying: “Not everyone can appreciate the ‘Jaffa aesthetic’, but for those who see the magic in the muted tones and unpolished surfaces and that un-made natural beauty of decay, there is no greater charm.”
For further information see: www.elizaduenow.com  and  www.cordelia.co.il  Or call: 0543013 909 or  03-5184668 Ext 2
Noa Bistro, Nir Zook Plaza, 14 Hazorfim Street, Jaffa

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  1. Lovin’ it! Totally see it. Good Luck with this project it’s a good’un. Jazz up the art scene in Jaffo!!!

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