Sha’ar International Poetry Festival 2011

Amir Or/Photo: Daniel Tchetchik

The Helicon Poetry Society presents the Sha’ar International Poetry Festival which will take place from November 24 – 26, 2011, at Beit Hagefen Arab-Jewish Center in Haifa. Sharing and nurturing poetry and the arts, all events at Beit Hagefen will be free and open to the public.

The festival will open with the traditional multi-lingual marathon of poets, each reading in his or her mother tongue. On Friday, November 25th there will be a tribute to the founder of the Helicon Poetry Society in 1990 – Amir Or. The evening will include performances by Bhutto dancer Maya Dunski and actor Jonathan Schwartz.

Among the participating Israeli poets are:Ronny Somekh, Meir Weiseltier, Rafi Weichert, Aggi Mishol, Yitzhak Laor, Nurit Zarhi, and Raquel Chalfi. International guests from Spain, El Salvador, Finland, France, Greece, Turkey, the US and other countries will arrive to participate in the festival. On Saturday, November 26th at 18:00 there will be a lecture organized with the cooperation of the French Embassy in Israel and the French Institute, of “Poets of the Mediterranean,” including Titos Parikios (Greece), Ozdemir Ince (Turkey), Nuno Judice (Portugal), Serge Pey (France), Chiara Mulas (Sardinia) and several Israeli poets. On Sunday, November 27th there will be a closed event at the French Institute in Tel Aviv in honor of the festival.

Yakir Ben Moshe/Photo: Dina Goneh

This year marks the 11th edition of the festival, and will continue the tradition of the poetry Hyde Park. New this year in recognition of the tent protest movement will be a poetry tent, where the public is invited to display their poetry. The festival’s artistic directors are Yakir Ben Moshe and Adi Asis, with Amir Or in charge of inviting international poets.

Adi Asis/Photo courtesy of PR

Beit Hagefen, 2 Hagefen Street,Haifa 35662 ,Israel     Tel : 04-8525252


  1. שמו שלום

    לטעום טעם השלום
    מרשם נפלא בניחוח אדמה
    כל יום בגוון אחר של אהבה
    זה חלומי הבלתי מנוצח-

    כי בדמי דורות של מלחמות
    בחירות בין צורות מות שונות
    עם הצפת סוכר ההצדקה
    בהסואת הנעה
    הרעלת דעת בכוונה טובה
    אם גלולות רעל בשם האמת.

    כי בזלזול עישבי בר נרמסים
    ונלתשים כשוטים
    ובסופרמרקט נאבד הטעם
    של נועם פשוט
    ושמו שלום.

    Oh, the sweet taste of Peace
    A savory food scented by Mother Earth
    Each day in a new dressing of love
    Is my soul’s desire, unsurpassed-

    My blood carries the toxins of bloody wars
    Of endlessly suffering generations
    Terrible with ugly choices of death,
    Charring distastefully the precious ingredients
    Oversweetened with ignorant “good” intentions,
    Camouflaged with colored justifications,
    Over spiced with pompous names,
    Poisoned with bitter pills
    In the name of Truth all this.

    With contempt they trample
    And uproot the gentle wild plants,
    While in the supermarket got lost
    The taste of the simple delight-
    Named Peace.

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