Tribute to John Cage @ CCA Tel Aviv

Lose Combo/Jörg Laue

The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv (CCA) will present time/zones – Relay Station, a tribute to John Cage celebrating the 100th anniversary of the composer/philosopher’s birth on Thursday, August 30, 2012 from 20:00 – 23:00. Entrance is FREE.

time/zones is an installation/performance reflecting on the division of the planet into different time zones, with performance, recordings, and video that relate to John Cage’s Variations IV. The entire evening represents a relay station for the main event of the Lose Combo ensemble in Berlin, joining other relay stations located in Chicago, New York, Glasgow, Toulouse, Istanbul, Cairo, Tokyo and others…

CCA site and facebook
Lose Combo site (German)
CCA, 5 Kalisher Street, Tel Aviv. 03-5106111.

Artistic director: Tilda group: Yoni Niv, Adaya Porat-Kligler, Elad Shneiderman; curator: Adaya Porat-Kligler; Lose Combo curator Berlin: Jörg Laue; assistant curator Berlin: Christine Plada.